plate clearly, he quickly shut his mouth.

plate clearly, he quickly shut his mouth.
A moment later, the swaying Volkswagen Bread turned from the west gate of Xiaohe Village onto Xiaohe West Road and slowly opened towards the Badaling Expressway. The Audi car behind it quickly followed.
Audi, the second-largest license plate in Beijing, and the unique van in Beijing appear at the same time, what else can it say?
The taxi driver shook his hands, picked up the secretly installed mobile phone, and told the shocking gossip along with the radio waves flying in the sky.
He’s awake, he’s back!
Perhaps soon, people in the old capital will be able to hear detonations coming from the air again.
Those supersonic sonic booms that killed many domestic animals were like clarion calls of victory, bringing pride and glory to the people of the capital.
No more sonic booms. Even if the two private Concorde airliners are still in service, they will plant flowers for another day. At home, Zhao Song would not let him fly at supersonic speed over land.
Zhao Song would not tell others that he was going out this time, not to go on an expedition, not to start a war, but to find trouble!
Lao Dong is from Beijing and works as a doorman.
All ordinary people call him:
Doorman Lao Dong.
His working place is not in the university, but in the courtyard.
The courtyard is a Shenzhou property.
But the person in charge has nothing to do with Shenzhou.
I still remember that in 2009, when Lao Dong first came to see the house, he heard from nearby neighbors that a powerful man took over this courtyard house directly from Shenzhou and transformed it into a private club for entertaining friends and high-end guests.
To be honest, the occupation of courtyard houses with clear property rights is not news to these old residents. A few years ago, a certain alley near the Imperial College was hung up with security wire fences in just one week, which caused a heated discussion. But something like Shenzhou It is rare for large state-owned groups to suffer losses.
The owner here has a good background.
As a result, Lao Dong gained a lot of prestige and gained a reputation as a fox and a tiger among his neighbors.
Spring is short in Beijing, but spring in the Second Ring Road has a unique flavor.
At noon, the doorman, Mr. Dong, went out to see the sun as usual.
The warm sunshine and the flattery from the neighbors made the old Dong extremely satisfied.
/After all, apart from those royal palaces, he was guarding the least complete three-entry courtyard in the capital.
You know, among the houses in the Second Ring Road of Beijing, there are two types that are priceless and unmarketable.
One type is an ordinary residential courtyard, with the name of a courtyard house and a price tag of hundreds of millions. No one will buy it if there is a price.
One type is a real courtyard house with nothing hanging on it and no price tag. It is priceless and no one is selling it!
It’s 2018, if you are still thinking about buying a real courtyard house after a sudden windfal

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