ced nature and superiority of our country’s system? Can we give full marks to problems that the West cannot handle?”

ced nature and superiority of our country’s system? Can we give full marks to problems that the West cannot handle?”
What else?
It is now 2018, and everyone in the audience couldn’t help but think of
“Everyone, Gui Luyang, the best HR in the world, spent ten years paving the way for Zhao Song’s plan fifteen years ago. Now, the best talents in the automobile industry in the country and the world The gathering has been completed.
Tomorrow, the boss of Anhui Province will lead the entire government team to host a banquet for the Faraday team. The conditions provided include more than: low-interest or even interest-free loans, free land, the full cooperation of the government, and the acquiescence of the top management. It is foreseeable that the establishment of Faraday’s first super factory will become a fait accompli! In one week, the world’s best space designers will provide countless space transformation plans for
-kilometer convenience stores across the country, Asia, and even the world. In the next month, the top ten construction groups in the country will provide detailed bidding and construction plans
to the Faraday team, and the relevant work is already in progress.
Comrades, the first epoch-making flower planting product has been put on the schedule. Time is running out. ”
“Professor, what should we do?” “Pay attention to that schedule, and then pay
to every international competition, international conference, and business and political exchange event taking place in the flower garden according to the schedule! A visitor from the West, especially every American team! ”
/Speaking of this, Professor Liu paused for a long time and ordered with a firm and calm expression:
“When a man-made disaster comes, when we can’t stop it,
let it spread as quickly as possible! To the whole world!
God bless the flowers!” “God bless
the flowers
in China!”
A lot has happened over the past hundred years.
For example, the xx missile crisis happened when we were engaged in mushroom eggs; another example is 2001,
which is horrifying to think about. These God Bless China seem to be man-made
. The state owns the national destiny, the family has the family destiny, and the individual has his own personal luck.
Everything cannot rely on luck.
The flower grower’s development to this point does not depend on luck.
It’s the people who are working silently on all fronts.
Just like our diplomats, they let rabbits appear to suffer losses in international affairs, but in fact dig holes to bury others, and then make a lot of money for themselves.
They are like the most disgusting type of people in our workplace. They smile in front of you and act like a tiger. They appear to be nice rabbits and are charitable, but in fact they secretly poke you in the spine!
God bless the flowers.
Whether it’s the rich man Zhao Song, the weathered cleaner, or the internet celebrity who pays taxes according to law, everyone has a responsibility!
But for Zhao Song, the most impor

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