ded over. Take it away, and the level is officially confirmed. “

ded over. Take it away, and the level is officially confirmed. ”
“Then you are considered a big leader,” Zhao Song sighed, then remembered something and waved to his chief secretary, “Liu Ying, has my application to go abroad been approved? Have you got your passport back? ”
In the flower garden, there is no explicit rule that public servants cannot go abroad, but their passports need to be handed in for safekeeping, and they need to be approved and reported when going abroad.
Everyone knows that Zhao Song’s special identity is not the president of Tesla, the chairman of Zhongguancun Holdings, or other part-time jobs, but the position of assistant to the chairman of Jingcheng Electronic Control that he has never left.
Career editor, level C.
“I’m going out again~”
/Big Beard sighed. He knew Zhao Song’s character. He was a homebody who stayed at home and never went out unless something big happened.
“Just because you are here, I will fill in some missed things,” Zhao Song said to the bearded man, then pondered for a moment, and ordered Liu Ying, who had already taken out a pen and paper to record, “Tesla President’s Order: Appointment Second-level supervisor Wang Aoshan is the vice president and marketing director of Tesla’s Dazaihua District. The second-level supervisor Li Xian will be held accountable and fired!
The board of directors will approve it and the internal systems of all branches around the world will be put on top. I hope all employees will take this as a warning. There will no longer be incidents of putting colleagues at risk. ”
/Liu Ying quickly recorded, and the bearded man asked doubtfully: “Why do Tesla’s internal affairs have anything to do with me?”
Zhao Song nodded and explained: “There has been a thunderstorm in the United States. It is foreseeable that the rest of this year will be difficult. I let Shenzhou do it at this time. It’s really unreasonable to start industrial upgrading, but I don’t want to miss such a good opportunity, so I want to throw this person out!”
The bearded man’s expression became serious: “Li Xian?” “Industrial upgrading means that workers will lose their jobs. If this happens, the local government will be anxious, so we must find a solution ourselves, and Li Xian is the
!” Beard: “How can Shenzhou cooperate?”
“Do you know that there is a technology company with the same name owned by researcher DK?”
“Yes,” Beard nodded and replied, “It is fighting a global patent war with Britain’s Dyson, and its bladeless fans and hair dryers are selling like hotcakes. It’s so popular that my daughter has already bought it.”
DK researchers, Zhao Song’s alma mater, and Hangzhou University had already made the plan 8 years ago with the support of hundreds of millions of dollars. Results!
Although the motor is still lacking in noise, with the design support of Tesla’s top industrial aesthetics, the publicity of 4A Jiasheng Media, and the enthusiastic support of countless organized flower growers, DK Technology’s products can certainly compete wi

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