lly generous this time!”

lly generous this time!”
Qian Yunzi suddenly screamed in surprise.
As the most powerful righteous leader sect in the past, Tianyun Dao naturally had many hidden strength cards.
This magic weapon is one of them.
There are ten sixth-grade magic weapons in Tianyun Dao, and they are known as the top ten divine weapons. This Sheyun Ding is one of them.
Due to various reasons, several magic weapons were damaged or lost before.
Among the remaining magic weapons, Sheyun Ding is the second most powerful magical weapon.
“I am in charge of this treasure. If I don’t get rid of the devil this time, I will never return to the sect.” Lin Shan’s tone was calm, but extremely firm.
Killing the prophesied giant troll is also one of the tests of her cultivation career.
As a Taoist disciple, if she did not have enough great achievements, she would not be able to secure the position of true leader.
After everyone has arrived.
The three forces stood separately, forming three clouds of different colors in the sky. Wait quietly.
/Time passes slowly.
Lin Shan sat in front of the big cauldron, not at all impatient. The hundreds of Tianyun Dao monks beside her were all ascetic monks with superb cultivation and profound spiritual energy. At this time, they were trying their best to urge the Sheyun Cauldron to reach its peak. Strongly activated, it can be used by Lin Shan at any time.
Buzz! ! !
There was a huge roar.
The sky suddenly turned dark, and clouds spread from all directions, completely covering the entire sky into pitch black.
The sky that was still daylight a moment ago suddenly turned into night in less than ten breaths.
Only where Lin Shan was, the Sheyun Cauldron shot up a pillar of spiritual light into the sky, pushing away the black clouds above her head.
It is the only source of white light in the entire dark night.
“The world is changing rapidly, and the social fortunes are booming!”
All the Tianyun Dao monks shouted in unison. They all closed their eyes and released their spiritual light with all their strength, falling into a state of selflessness.
There was a crisp sound.
Lin Shan’s eyes flashed with silver light.
I saw the roof of the Sheyun Cauldron flying open with a bang, and a large wave of black water poured out from inside.
The black water does not fall, but just floats in mid-air, as if falling on the flat ground, spreading and covering it in all directions, forming waves and pushing them into the distance.
Amidst the sound of waves, the entire area for dozens of miles was enveloped in a black water tide.
At this moment, a white light suddenly flashed out from under the clouds, and the three of them, Old Man Honggui, Fourth Qingnv, and Palace Master Yuhan, a man in white, appeared instantly.
Looking at their faces, all three of them looked extremely tired, with dark circles around their eyes, dull skin, and lackluster eyes. It was obvious that they had consumed too much energy and energy.
Lin Shan shouted loudly when she saw this.
“Hurry up and rest

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