small cadre of the street committee?”

small cadre of the street committee?”
/Zhao Mingyuan was speechless.
“Furthermore, I have many enemies. Who do you think you are, Miss Zhao?”
Zhao Song said : “Are you stupid? Your head is buzzing, right? You didn’t expect anyone to talk to you like this, right?”
Zhao Song said
: :
Zhao Song: “Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you. Miss Zhao, let’s not talk about my friends for now. Let’s talk about mine. I’m particularly curious. You secretly made a boy by yourself. What kind of face are you licking? Tell Bai Li that women should cherish the good time and not be too anxious
? I have saved the recording
of the call. You can give it to Chen Ning later and tell him to let those who should know know. If they don’t give an explanation within three days, I will give them an explanation!” Words and actions will always be over-interpreted by others, so Zhao Songai behaves like a gangster and is unwilling to do anything with his identity. For no other reason than he is not afraid of offending people, he is afraid of trouble.
This was something he could hardly imagine in his ‘previous life’. Even when he took his wife and sister back to Shantang to visit relatives, there were rumors that major investments were about to be made. Returning to Beijing after a day stay can be interpreted as dissatisfaction with the local business environment.
Then came the constant testing, questioning and reassuring phone calls.
Therefore, he will not talk nonsense in public. If he does say something and openly attack certain social phenomena, no need to ask, it must be approved by his ‘teacher’ and ‘leader’, and the upper management has already had countermeasures to solve the problem. .
He is just a cheating ‘reborn’ person. Doing idealistic things does not mean that he is an idealist. He is doing it for fame!
Just like Miss Zhao, who thinks she can talk to Zhao Song, she also does it for fame. If she can solve the trouble from the richest man, her reputation in the industry will reach a new high.
As a result, he got into trouble.
His friends were bullied, and his descendants were also targeted. Zhao Song originally just wanted to express his attitude and resolve the matter within a certain range, but unexpectedly, someone sent a twist of fire. So what reason did he have to not go with the flow and fire? ?
“I just don’t understand, what benefit does it bring to some people if I give birth late?”
Zhao Song said to himself.
Er Mao, who was driving, opened his mouth and muttered: “Children are easy to manipulate when they are young. When my eldest cousin was a child, his second uncle took advantage of him and took away a piece of the foundation~”
Zhao Song was stunned for a moment, then laughed and said, “It’s up to you to see Understand, these seemingly high-ranking circles are not about the family well-being of ordinary people.”
Hearing the compliment, Ermao chuckled, and then reminded: “Brother, when it comes to the family well-being, I have to say, you let th

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