pletely showed all the charm that a woman should have.

pletely showed all the charm that a woman should have.
One camera followed her closely, and the others moved slowly with her pace.
Outside the square, armed police soldiers pulled up a human wall to block the increasingly restless crowd.
Immediately afterwards, the other eleven girls slowly walked out of the store door, and then stood each other. In the corner of the square, the orchestra composed of students from Shanghai Conservatory of Music also took their seats, quietly waiting for the crowd to calm down.
“Dong dong~”
“Dong dong~”
The timpani sounded, and then the drum set was seamlessly connected. Yu Li’s flute sounded. There was only a small prelude to the beautiful prelude, and then the orchestra and the twelve girls played under Yin Mingyu. Under the conductor, everyone joined in the performance.
/“Miracle”, a fusion of Chinese and Western styles, was played at this moment in the Oriental fashion capital, a fusion of Chinese and Western styles.
Kyoto, Pyeongchang High-tech Zone.
“Bang bang~” With the sound of several paper cannons, the Tesla investment signing ceremony officially began.
The handsome Ding Tao calmly walked to the microphone under Li Linna’s fake guidance.
“Dear Mayor Li Yan, respected Secretary Qian Kangsheng of Pingchang District, respected Mayor of Wanzhou District, respected leaders of various departments in Kyoto City and Pingchang District, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!” ”
In the early stage During the cooperation negotiations, the district committee and government as well as the High-tech Park showed great sincerity, and also received strong support from the leaders of both parties!”
“Tesla is very honored to participate in this cooperation. Here, please Allow me to give a brief introduction to the Tesla investment project. ”
“After the investment agreement is signed, the Tesla Industrial Park covering an area of ??257 acres will build an industry unit with an area of ??50,000 square meters in the next year and a half. It has the largest factory building in the world, as well as 20 high-level dust-free production workshops and two low-rise business office buildings, a 100,000-square-meter hub warehouse, 12 industry-leading T production lines and 22 box lean assembly lines.”
“By then, here ! There will be a management team of more than 150 people and more than 1,000 skilled operating technicians!”
At this time, all the leaders sitting on the rostrum looked at Ding Tao who was speaking in surprise. Why did he say more than signing? The conditions in the investment agreement are much greater?
Secretary Xu turned his head in shock, looked at Zhao Song who looked calm, and asked in a low voice: “Zhao Song, the city leaders are here, don’t dare to fool me!”
/Zhao Song shook his head and said softly: “Secretary Xu, tpod The sales are beyond imagination, even better than the predictions of the idg business organization.”
Nodding slightly, Secretary Xu said with a complicated face: “If Gui Luyang had come up with this condition at that time, there wo

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