tside the world.”

tside the world.”
“That’s why I came to you. Can you help me once?”
“You can help me, but only once, and it can only be done to one person. After that, you still owe me a favor. What do I have to do?” When the time comes, you can’t refuse.” Having said that, the sadness on my face dissipated a little. Mr. Xu is willing to help. With his ability, I have a better chance of winning. Much bigger!
But being able to deal with only one person was slightly unexpected, but it was better than rejecting me.
“Then I’ll thank you here in advance.” I cupped my hand and said.
“When are you going to do it?” Mr. Xu asked after taking a sip of tea.
“It should be tomorrow night.”
“Okay, I’ll be with you tomorrow night. Just point out who you want me to help you capture, but I will only attack one person, not more, and there is no room for negotiation.” He emphasized After saying this sentence several times, I understood the meaning of his words and nodded solemnly.
/“Actually, it’s okay if you don’t come to me. The boss of Sanfu Teahouse can also help you settle this matter, but why don’t you go to him?” After that, Mr. Xu asked me other questions.
“I also have my own considerations. You can’t use up all your weapons at once. You can survive by hiding one hand, right?” I raised the tea cup in my hand and took a sip. It was the best Dahongpao tea, very fragrant. Very pure.
“I won’t stay much longer. I’ll have someone pick you up tomorrow.” I stood up to leave. He opened “Zi Zhi Tong Jian” and nodded at me and continued reading. The housekeeper sent me out the door.
Standing outside the door, I finally have some confidence at this moment!
The night wind was blowing, but the business in Sanfu Tea House was still good. In the dark pavilion, the mysterious boss was looking at the TV in front of him, and “A Better Tomorrow” was playing on the huge screen.
“This is the latest and largest TV set. You can see how advanced it is. The big belly on the back is gone, just like a board. The picture is also good, so clear.” He pointed at the TV and said,sitting on the sofa behind him I smiled awkwardly.
He pressed the remote control to turn off the TV, then looked back at me. After a moment, I sighed and said, “When will we do it?”
“507 said they will do it tomorrow night, so we’ll make preparations today.” I answered.
“Do you want my help? If so, I can make a few calls for you and I should be able to invite some seniors to help you.” He mentioned some seniors. There are at least five or more, and being able to call so many seniors with just a few phone calls shows how huge their influence is.
But I shook my head and said: “I just want you to help me understand. Are there any other powerful masters under Mr. Qian? 507’s intelligence is severely blocked. I’m not sure that besides Peacock, Mr. Qian has other powerful masters.” Have you brought a master of that level? ”

/Okay, I’ll have someone check it for you and I’ll give you an answer tomorrow noon.” I stood up and was about to leave, but I heard him shouting at

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