he old master in the institute that Ziweixing is the emperor’s star. Brother Shan, you are the emperor’s destiny.”

he old master in the institute that Ziweixing is the emperor’s star. Brother Shan, you are the emperor’s destiny.”
Hua Niu shouted with eyes full of twinkling stars. I smiled and shook my head and said, “We are all reforming and opening up. What’s the emperor’s order? Get some rest early. We will discuss Xuan Hai’s affairs tomorrow.”
I took my hand back and closed the door, and when I was about to climb up to the upper bunk, I looked at each other. The girl’s eyes looked like this. There were some hidden secrets, but she didn’t tell her. I nodded and climbed onto the upper bunk to sleep.
The swaying train was like a swaying dream. With my back turned, I could hear Luo Qiong and Hua Niu talking quietly, and finally fell into a clear dream.
When I woke up the next day, it was already past nine o’clock. Luo Qiong handed me two steamed buns and shouted: “Brother Shan, have breakfast first. I asked Hua Niu to ask them to go and have a meeting in the box later.” ”
/After a while, the box was full of people, and I lit a cigarette and said: “The trip to Xuanhai is not a sightseeing tour, nor is it a small business of catching local animals and selling them for money. The first element of the trip to Xuanhai is to save people. , I have studied Professor Shen Liangye’s notes and research reports, and I have some information to share with you.”
I took a puff of cigarette while speaking, and then said: “According to Professor Shen’s notes, their final destination this time is to enter the deep sea. Apart from the mysterious map he obtained and did not leave a copy of, it can be seen from his previous research and the research reports of other scholars on the road that three mountains surround Xuanhai. The first difficulty is the heavy fog floating around the three mountains. These heavy fogs persist all year round. It is difficult to find the direction in the dense forest. If the fog is added, the direction will be even more difficult to identify. Therefore, we cannot act separately. We must. Unify the plan and pace. If we break through the fog, it will be the territory of various earth beasts and monsters before entering the mysterious sea. Fortunately, it will not be difficult for us to deal with them, but these are definitely the three sacred mountains. If there are monsters, we are most lucky not to encounter them. If we encounter them, we must resolve the battle as soon as possible, but we must not kill them.”
Hearing this, Tie Gu interjected strangely: “Why can’t you kill them? ”
I explained: “Most of the monsters are group activities. If you kill one of them, you may anger a group of monsters. If you are chased by a group of monsters, let alone saving people. It is a problem for us to protect ourselves.”
/The combat meeting was held for several days, but because there was still too little information about Xuanhai, it was impossible to determine a perfect combat plan. The train arrived at the station after three days of driving. When it got off, there were vehicles arranged by Mr. Xu. They were four mi

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