ted with Zhang Lisheng who had been silent all the way, and arrived at the Goose Pond restaurant in the Upper East Side of New York.

ted with Zhang Lisheng who had been silent all the way, and arrived at the Goose Pond restaurant in the Upper East Side of New York.
The Upper East Side is where the wealthiest New Yorkers live. If Manhattan is the crown of New York, then this is the brightest pearl in the crown.
The ‘Goose Pond’ restaurant is located here.
The restaurant looks small, the facade is a bit old, and the outer walls are decorated with classical-style columns and statues, without any sense of splendor.
The doorman was a tall, thin old man with gray hair, wearing a ridiculous blue hat and a serious and inviolable expression.
In front of him was a long waiting line.
Many foreign visitors with some wealth and free time, after arriving in Manhattan, hope to enjoy an expensive and flashy breakfast at this restaurant, which is rated as a ‘five-star’ by travel guides and is known as the best breakfast restaurant in New York.
/When Lily drove her car and parked in front of the Goose Pond restaurant, many people in line looked like they were watching a show, waiting for another target to be scolded by the old doorman.
Unfortunately they were destined to be disappointed.
Tina and Zhang Lisheng got out of the car together, staggered to the door of the restaurant, threw the key directly to the old doorman, and said with a grimace: “Arthur, help me park the car, and buy a can by the way.” Sugar-free ice coke to cheer me up.
You know, I’m going to civil court this afternoon for counseling because the judge may take away my driver’s license because of illegal parking.” ”
Oh, the New York courts are really outrageous, but God help people like you. Kind and beautiful girl, everything will be fine.” The old doorman’s serious expression melted away and he comforted with sympathy. Then he bowed politely, opened the restaurant door, and said: “Welcome. Come to the Goose Pond Restaurant for dinner with this distinguished gentleman, Miss Tina.”
“Thank you, Arthur.” Tina said, holding Zhang Lisheng’s shoulder, and was about to walk into the restaurant, when suddenly there was a cry of dissatisfaction from the diners waiting in line behind her. Shouting, “Hey, Mr. Doorman, didn’t you say that the Goose Pond Restaurant doesn’t take orders and never valet parking?
/Why is that girl an exception?
You, you have to buy her a sugar-free Coke, God, here Is it a burger restaurant or the best breakfast restaurant on the Upper West Side of New York?”
“Her last name is Douglinia, sir.” In response to the accusations of other guests, the old doorman said in a matter-of-fact tone: “This street is famous for being a hundred years old. Many years ago, it was the Douglinia family’s livestock barn, and the Goose Pond Restaurant was the ‘Goose Pond’ in the barn.
From the time Manhattan existed, members of the Douglinia family have always had unimpeded access to any store here. They don’t need to make reservations, and every server voluntarily provides services for them.
Sorry, I have to go to Tina and Miss Douglina to park the car.”
After that, he

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