itary factory were almost completely lost, but as long as there is a complete technology tree, everything can be rebuilt.

itary factory were almost completely lost, but as long as there is a complete technology tree, everything can be rebuilt.
The lost Supreme Commander’s Dauntless, after opening the system to Liu Qian, no longer has any ability to resist. There are one million members of the Dreadless, five vehicles and five civilizations. Liu Qian will not massacre them, but will enslave them. Let them work for him in the process of rebuilding civilization in the future. These one million members of five cars and five civilizations are one million skilled workers who do not need training.
A few hours later, just when the Dauntless’s armor power was almost at its bottom, more than fifty Spirit-class battleships finally dragged it behind the Saturn satellite. Under the cover of the Saturn moon’s huge body, the Dauntless Finally having a chance to breathe, all personnel were driven by Liu Gan and began the long repair work of the Dauntless.
Liu Qian himself also used this time to complete the transmission of all data. As long as time passes, the Galaxy Fleet will soon join the ranks of late stage first-stage civilizations.
/A week later, the power of Jupiter’s explosion was basically dissipated, and the rays and particle flows in the solar system were reduced to a level that was not enough to affect observations.
The Dauntless, the 60-million-ton flagship of five vehicles and five civilizations, was hiding behind the Saturn satellite and dying, but it finally survived. The first thing to repair was the battleship’s power module. Otherwise, such a large battleship would have to be repaired. Liu Qian’s Ling-class battleship can only be pushed away.
As for the required materials, they can be found on the Jupiter satellite. In order to speed up the repair of the Intrepid, Liu Qian re-established the most basic factory on the Jupiter satellite and climbed up the technology step by step.
Because the environment in the universe is still very harsh, these tasks can only be handled by the surviving robots in the battleships. Of course, these robots must be controlled by the main brain of the fusiform exploration ship to be competent at these tasks. After all, they are not real robots. smart robot.
The damage to the Mars base was also very serious. There were almost no traces of factories or bases on the side facing Jupiter. The situation on the side facing away from Mars was not much better. Only a few specially built shelters successfully escaped. This calamity saved tens of thousands of scientists and their families for Liu Gan.
/As for the Earth,
it mysteriously disappeared.
This made Liu Qian feel very strange.
Ordinary detection methods cannot detect what happened to the earth at all. It was not until Liu Qian tried to use the space tumor detection function of the fusiform detection ship that he unexpectedly discovered that where the earth was supposed to exist, it seemed that it had become There was a void, but there was a spherical space tumor, the shape and size of which could wrap the earth and the moon inside.

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