by lightning? Is this the point?”

by lightning? Is this the point?”
She drummed twice in cooperation. Lowering his palm, his expression was obviously nonchalant.
There are a total of four independent buildings in the Four Towers of Snow Mountain.
After the completion of Building 1, the actual height is 156 meters, the tallest Building 3 is 312.7 meters, Building 2 is 289.4 meters, Building 4 is 199 meters, and There is not much error in planning.
In fact, the interiors of these buildings are not yet fully completed and are being renovated. The space is too large and has not been used up. Some floors are reserved for later renovations when needed.
For example, there is nothing in Buildings 1 and 4 now. Building 1 will become a place for pure entertainment and leisure in the future, and there will even be a hotel for internal use.
The construction of these buildings cost a total of more than 800 million US dollars. The specific figures have not been calculated yet. Once they are all renovated, they will definitely exceed 1 billion US dollars.
Each of his branches contributed money, and Han Xuan himself also contributed part of it to share the financial pressure of the head office. At that time, the shares should be distributed according to the invested funds.
It’s just a trick of exchanging left hand for right hand, but it can be used to reasonably avoid taxes. And as the company distributes equity awards, the brothers now have to settle the accounts clearly, otherwise the small shareholders will complain.
Snow Mountain Investment Company is on the right track and can no longer be as playful as before.
/When the motorcade arrived in Santa Clara, people lined the streets to welcome his arrival.
Today, Han Xuan’s company is closely related to this city. Almost more than half of the local families have members working at HOPE Technology. Manufacturing mobile phones, MP3 and other equipment requires a large amount of labor.
Han Xuan was just passing through the city and saw such a lively scene, and then he understood why the old executive Charlie asked him to go through the city. It turned out that he was preparing a welcome ceremony.
After seeking Jason’s permission, he opened the car window slightly to say hello to the people on the roadside. The speed of the car was slightly accelerated due to this, and the time of appearance was shortened.
Everyone knew that he was going to attend the ceremony, so no one would blame him. Han Xuan shouted loudly at this moment: “I have hidden two thousand mobile phones and iHope music players in the park on the west side of the city. Go find everything you want. Remember to bring a shovel! But each person can only take one, and someone will supervise you!”
This matter was arranged by Old Charlie, and Han Xuan just relayed that the treasure hunting game does not cost much, but it can gain a lot. Publicity effect.
After passing through many factories covering a large area, the convoy arrived at a small square surrounded by four towers.
The employees were on vacation this morning, and the n

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