I wake up.

I wake up.
Bailixiong gave a bitter smile, and glanced at the mocking Wu Jun, Bai Jiajun and royal army with his peripheral vision, pursed his lips and was about to turn the horse’s head.
At this moment, a clear laughter came from the top of the city.
“The seven states gathered together in the capital to compete. A young hero in white, fighting hundreds of people alone. Cutting through hundreds and thousands of roads, who dies and who survives. I sit on the wall and watch, waiting for you to win the first prize!”
Listening to the poems that came from his own mouth in the past, Bai Bai Li Xiong’s heart skipped a beat, and he suddenly raised his head to look at the top of the city, with excitement in his eyes. The young man in white clothes on the city smiled faintly and bowed his hand towards him.
/“Your Majesty, I’m back to seize the country for you.”
The Northern Xinjiang army cheered loudly. The soldiers, generals, gods and aliens all looked eagerly at the man smiling calmly at the top of the city. Mr. Jun turned around and led the Northern Xinjiang army. What came was not only great strength and prestige, but also a revitalized military spirit.
/“Tsk tsk, what a sensational scene. First, monsters and strange men were sent to kill the soldiers, weaken the strength, and push the Northern Xinjiang Army to a desperate situation. Now he appears as the savior, making the Northern Xinjiang Army grateful.” Harsh applause sounded, The man who took the lead in the Bai family camp raised his lips and looked at the city head teasingly, “Young Master Jun has come back from the dead and destroyed the Three Kingdoms. His reputation will surely rise and rise, causing a sensation in the seven states. Hey, the Northern Xinjiang Army is just a mere How can we restrain this big dragon that is about to ascend to heaven?”
When the words came out, the faces of the Northern Xinjiang Army changed drastically, and they looked at Bai Qi angrily, but they found that they could not find a word to defend Mr. Jun. . Just as Bai Qi said, Zhou Jijun treated the Northern Xinjiang Army equally in the first game set by Zhao Di. The only difference was that Shamoni was the first to open the way, so the losses suffered were slightly smaller. To say that they are small, it is only compared to other forces. After several days of marching and trekking, there are more than ten thousand children of the Northern Xinjiang Army who were killed by the monsters in the world under Zhou Jijun’s sword.
A buzzing noise rang out from the Northern Xinjiang Army. The immortal generals were fine, but the ordinary soldiers looked at the city with complicated expressions. The man who once brought them hope but was so cruel was waiting for him to speak out in defense. .
Looking at Bai Qi playfully, Zhou Jijun glanced at Bailixiong who lowered his head and said nothing, and then drifted towards the Northern Xinjiang Army.
“Do you believe me?”
There was no need for any explanation, just a simple sentence, and the doubts in the soldiers’ eyes disappeare

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