were not far behind him. Among them, an old black craftsman was shouting: “Hey! There was a guy over there at the Empire State Building who just jumped. He jumped.” It’s too early! The stock price is rising now and you have nothing to lose! So get out of there! You’re still a rich man!”

“Before! I used to be a rich man, with all my assets combined, probably more than one million US dollars. Recently I was interested in a house, so I used leverage to bet on AOL, hoping to make some more money. Its recent increase Very good, it rose 6.4% in a week. But today, its stock price fell 22%. What’s funny is that my position was closed as soon as the market opened, and I still owe a lot of money. What? Everything is gone. House, car, savings, everything is gone. I am just tired of it. My wife and son died on Swiss Air Flight 111 last year. Because I did not buy insurance before taking the flight, the airline refused to pay, so there is no need to persuade me. Living is a kind of torture for me.”
/A middle-aged white man named Wallace Shawn smiled when he said these words and continued: “Once a person succeeds, his IQ will drop; if he fails, Once, my IQ will rise. Now I realize that the rise of the Internet is so strange. After working in a bank for so many years, I didn’t find any problems. I was blinded by wealth. I’m sorry that I chose you to give you more money. It’s troublesome, but the scenery here is really beautiful. So, goodbye, thank you for chatting with me.” As
soon as he finished speaking, he jumped forward and jumped down. No one knew what Mr. Sean was thinking during the fall, only him. You know it yourself.
Han Xuan also knew that when he fell from the Burj Khalifa, he was thinking that it would take him so long to fall. Because he died once, he would be free from restraints in his life, and he could live happily and happily.
A firefighter did not have time to catch Mr. Sean. He was lying on the edge of the rooftop and saw with his own eyes a small black dot falling to the ground. It was impossible for him to be alive after falling from such a height. He asked with doubts on his face: “Swiss Airlines Flight 111, what happened?”
/“Last year, a McDonnell Douglas plane from New York to Geneva crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in Canadian waters. All 214 passengers on the plane died.”
The black man just now The old worker then said: “It may be really uncomfortable for him to be alive. May God bless him. My ex-wife has also passed away, so I can understand him, but I choose to move on. It’s time to clean up the body. This has nothing to do with our construction site.”
The Nasdaq market was still in chaos. After Han Xuan’s “rescue” move, some green finally appeared on the all-red screen, but only a very small amount.
Cisco, Qualcomm, WOW, Destiny, Gossip, Blueberry Group and other industries have all been wiped out. Industry leaders have received more attention in recent years, and there has been more water involved, but the losses are still within an acceptable range.
Cisco has fallen the most,

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