ain road suddenly became more crowded.

ain road suddenly became more crowded.
The strange thing is that each of these class cows has only three legs, one in front and two in the back. They are jumping all the way, crowded together and rushing towards the convoy.
/A cry similar to that of a lamb came from the herd of cattle.
Several cows ran past the carriage window, stopped briefly, and looked curiously at the people in the carriage.
“Is this the Ban Niu? What a weird breed.” Lin Xin looked at this creature curiously.
boom! !
Suddenly there was a deafening explosion from the vehicle in front.
/“Who!!?” The voice of the team’s dad suddenly came.
“There’s a sneak attack!”
The man’s shout was drowned in the roar of the cattle and was almost inaudible.
“They’re here for the goods!”
the spirit-sealing voice shouted.
Lin Xin could only faintly hear the sound of the clash of swords in the carriage where he was. The escorts of these convoys are all swordsmen and swordsmen who travel around the world. In this world, if you can’t enter the Xianmen Sect and become a monk, you can only practice some fake swordsmanship to protect yourself as a bodyguard.
Or if you have some financial resources, you can also apply for the recruitment of managers. After all, no matter it is a sect gang, any force needs managers with writing skills. Coordinate all aspects of affairs.
The so-called poor in literature and rich in martial arts, the martial arts that really need to be practiced are all at the third-rate level or above with a high starting point and strong lethality.
Those who can be regarded as high-level in the world are not bad, at least they can dominate a county.
“This is very close to Wuxiang Tieling. It’s best not to reveal your identity. Just wait and see what happens.” Lin Xin said in a message.
Some Wang Peng and others who were eager to try slowly suppressed it and tried to stay calm.
The sounds outside were getting louder and closer. There seemed to be a violent argument.
Several people who had left the carriage also came back, their faces a little ugly.
“There are a lot of people!” someone whispered.
“Could it be that the people who are chasing us are here?!” Several young ladies in distress sitting on the other side whispered, looking a little frightened.
“Brother wouldn’t do such a trick,” one of the older men said uncertainly.
Bang! !
Suddenly, there was a sound outside that sounded like a weapon being blown away and then nailed to the carriage.
Everyone inside shrank in fear.
Everyone has seen the identity of Feng Ling before. He is obviously a monk. He is a force that can suppress even monks. It is obvious that these people here cannot afford to offend him.
Some of the strong men who used to fight fiercely now don’t even dare to fart.
The distressed couple hugged each other and seemed to be crying.
Several monks lowered their heads and recited Buddhist scriptures.
However, among the chaotic crowd, there was actually a little girl of twelve or thirteen years old lying in front of th

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