robably wanted to conceal the dirty things they had done in the River Styx.”

robably wanted to conceal the dirty things they had done in the River Styx.”
“Perhaps it was for some benefit brought out of the River Styx . .” Mr. Guan touched his indescribably skinny chin.
Lin Xin also agreed. He also intercepted an evil god’s Yuan Fei from the opponent, so naturally he also guessed from this aspect.
“For today’s plan, we should first get in touch with Her Highness the Second Young Lady. What do you think, Mr. Guan?”
“Yes, the Dabi level magic weapon used by Tianyun Dao has such a big flaw, which caused my Zhongfu The loss of eight top seeds. Even if this matter comes to the head sect, Xuan Nu and Zhenjun and others will not ignore it. We can use this reason to exchange opinions.” Mr. Guan nodded.
The three of them decided that Mr. Guan would take action directly and use Taoist talismans to simultaneously contact His Highness the Second Qingnv.
As expected, they were also interested in contacting me.
/The two parties made an appointment to meet at the Lou Chuan on Yuqing Road.
The competition was suspended and no one was allowed to leave. The palace spirit and the returning golden-armored elders issued a ban, temporarily sealing all the monks in the venue in mid-air.
When Lin Xin and the others arrived at Louchuan invisibly.
Yu Qingdao has opened a special shield that blocks his sight to prevent others outside from seeing directly through the situation inside.
Led by the long-awaited female cultivator of Yuqing Dao, the group passed through the shield and stepped onto the deck of the ship from the side.
“Welcome Your Highness, Mr. Guan, and the seniors of the Immortal Evil Alliance.” Yu Liuqing had already put his hands in front of him, bowing and waiting on the road where the building ship must pass.
“Mother has been waiting for a long time.”
Lin Xin and Guan Lao exchanged glances. Lin Xin took the lead in removing the black hood covering his head and nodded towards Yu Liuqing.
“Sorry to trouble you.”
“Your Highness is welcome.”
Yu Liuqing dismissed the surrounding servants and led the three of them all the way up alone, onto the sloping plank of the ship, and onto the light green deck of the ship that was covered with thick carpets.
The second young girl and two female cultivators who looked like they had excellent cultivation skills were already waiting at the entrance of the attic.
“Your Highness, Mr. Guan, Xiaoyou Lou, please come in.”
“Your Highness Qingnu came to greet you personally. We are flattered.” Lin Xin said with a smile.
Both sides entered the attic and sat down in the small hall where tea and fruit bowls had been prepared.
The young girl sat on the chair, and the people on the left below, Lin Xinguan, sat down respectively, while Lou Xiaofei stood on one side.
“I also understand the meaning of the Immortal Evil Alliance this time.” The second young girl said seriously, “In fact, I will not hide this matter from you two. I, Yuqing Dao, have already begun to investigate the case carefully. As early as three years ago, my daughter Xiao Qi

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