in my hand, and then asked.

in my hand, and then asked.
Shen Mengtian, who heard the sound, walked over and took a look, then shook his head and said, “No, I’ve never seen this thing before. I’ll ask the housekeeper.”
When she turned around to find the housekeeper, I turned my palm and a ball of flame burst out. This small ink-colored stone burned in the flames, and actually became a little brighter.
“Fire-resistant?” I had some concerns in my mind. As soon as the flame on my hand went out, the housekeeper followed Shen Mengtian and walked over. He nodded slightly to me and said, “Hello, can you show me? Oh, this is not our home. “Yes, Madam, there are no similar gems, and no ornaments of this color are broken.”
“By the way,did you see what that thing looked like?” I asked.
/“Well, I didn’t see clearly. It’s similar to what Madam saw. I told the police everything I could tell.” His words were a bit flickering, as if he was hiding something.
“Mr. Butler, you don’t have to hide anything. I’ve seen amazing things, not to mention, aren’t there two things living in your basement that normal people can’t imagine? Haha, just tell me the truth.”
Butler Listen. After pondering for a moment, he said: “At night, I was resting in my room, but soon I heard a sound in the living room. According to the regulations, the nanny, gardener and other people in the family are not allowed to come in and out at night, let alone make a lot of noise. There was a loud noise. I thought there might be something wrong, so I left the room. When I turned on the light in the living room, I saw something squatting in the corner of the living room.
/“Can you describe the appearance of the thing you saw in detail? ” ?” I asked.
He raised his hand to gesture, and said: “About one meter above the ground. The body is very wide, and the whole body is ink. It looks a bit like a giant toad squatting on the ground.”
“Oh? Is it different from a toad? ?” I asked in detail.
“There is a difference. It just looks like a toad or frog, but its head is longer, its eyes are as small as two slits, and its belly is not that big. It looks thinner. There are many small spines on the back, and those little The thorn is like the stone you found. When I found it, I thought it was a very evil creature, and it even seemed to kill people. It made me think it was more powerful than a lion or a lion. The tiger was even more scary. But when it saw me, it screamed, broke the glass and jumped out. When I ran to the window to look outside, it was gone. “The housekeeper was obviously calm. He saw it. The descriptions of these situations are also relatively accurate.
“Oh, I understand. If it’s convenient for you, find someone to draw the outline.”
“Now I can basically confirm that it is a kind of earth beast called Wuliang. It is a rare earth beast that lives in the south and eats rotting creatures. It has a higher IQ than ordinary earth beasts and will attack humans. The back It has strange hard thorns that will emit a strange black light to hide it when it is in danger, helping it to esc

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