ill be able to give an explanation if he asks.”

ill be able to give an explanation if he asks.”
“It’s not like the envoy spent such a high price. I will kill these little characters just to save you!” the boss said in a low voice.
“Anyway, it’s an explanation! Just take action and wait.” Another person said calmly.
The boss heard the words and stopped pursuing them. He just stared coldly at the subordinate who was speaking in front of him.
“Kill!” He waved his hand. Suddenly, dozens of well-dressed men, all dressed in black and masked, rushed out from behind. Each one of them rushed towards the convoy of Pangdao Escort Agency with vigorous movements.
When Uncle Wu and Ling’er saw this, they also understood that they and the others had hit the muzzle of a gun. They were frightened and angry and quickly took out their weapons.
“Everyone, guard! In the formation, if we hold them back, we have a chance of survival!” Uncle Wu shouted loudly.
All the bodyguards also drew their weapons one after another, most of them were long knives and short spears, and occasionally a few used bows and arrows to shoot from a distance.
Although many people heard each other’s voices and were frightened, when things came to a close, running around would make them die faster.
Several of the most elite escorts were guarding the goods of the escort agency, with Ling’er and Uncle Wu at the front. Facing the approaching masked man, they clashed head-on with their swords and daggers.
The two men’s skills actually severely injured several masked men in an instant, causing a stream of blood to flow out.
Anyone who passed by the two of them would have bloody mouths and holes on their waists and chests.
Lin Xin retreated to the side of the carriage, leaning against the carriage. His weak appearance made the masked man who rushed towards him not regard him as his first opponent. But he was safe under the protection of several escorts around him.
He also squinted his eyes slightly, held his breath attentively, and remained motionless, as if he was frightened.
/The quality of the bodyguards around him was extremely strong, and each one of them was inextricably killed by the masked man.
While forming a defensive formation, they actually injured several masked men in one time.
“I’ll do it!”
The masters in charge who were watching on the side couldn’t stand it any longer. One of them jumped off the field and hit the strongest fifth uncle with a single strike in the air.
The rolled up leaves and sand rushed toward Uncle Wu. A vague, translucent palm print condensed out of thin air, about one meter in size, and flew towards Uncle Wu.
“Kill Wu Ding!” The fifth uncle raised his eyebrows, and the two swords in his hands suddenly paused, and then suddenly a ball of yellow inner energy exploded, driving his arms forward to slash five times!
Five khaki-yellow sword lights overlapped like waves of sand toward the opponent’s palmprint.
boom! !
When the two met, a violent explosion occurred.
The masked men and escorts who were closer to the side were li

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