The countdown begins again.

The countdown begins again.
Wei He tensed up and followed the standard practice, focusing all his spiritual energy into his body.
His psychic energy is at the level of Riva and Shadow Bug, which is considered huge and abundant.
But at the storm level, it is average.
Another white light fell, and a storm clone slowly walked out of the light curtain.
This is a storm clone that holds two swords and is completely close to the battlefield.
No nonsense, as soon as he landed, he suddenly sprayed blue fire and disappeared from Wei He’s sight.
Wei He had already entered the psychic fusion reproductive state at this time.
He felt as if everything around him was slowed down. The opponent’s speed is naturally within the scope of this response.
This is the reason why thinking is accelerated a lot with the blessing of spiritual energy.
The twin sword clones on the opposite side were flying towards him at high speed.
The opponent raised his swords horizontally, seemingly intending to use high speed to cut through Wei’s body in an instant.
‘What I can use include fighting moves, martial arts realm, psychic powers, and spiritual arts. Perhaps the gravity of the God of Gravitation can also be used as a cover for spiritual arts. ’
Thoughts flashed through Wei He’s mind.
He took off the cold-sharp knife from his shoulder with his backhand, moved it to the left, and slashed forward with the blade.
Dang! !
In mid-air, the twin sword clones and Wei He collided hard, and their swords and knives broke at the same time and flew away.
Wei He let go of the handle of the knife, turned around and kicked sideways.
The perfect shoulder collision with the twin swords.
/There was another explosion, and the two clones instantly fought and became entangled in mid-air.
No one can win for a while.
Wei He quickly absorbed the Storm Breed’s driving experience. This machine wins with speed, almost giving up many other functions.
While he used his spiritual energy to deeply observe the reproductive system, his own flesh and blood martial arts, his cells also began to imitate and absorb the essence.
Soon, a cell of flesh and blood that resembled a storm organism slowly divided and was born.
Wei He allowed it to divide and reproduce rapidly, and then converted part of his body’s flesh and blood into this kind of storm cells.
Because the colonies themselves are not living things, the basic structures are still very different.
But it doesn’t matter. Wei He directly separated a layer of simulated cells on the surface of his body, and then built a similar system.
In the air, on the ground, inside the building.
The two black shadows were like lines, colliding and separating quickly.
Everything that touches them is like tofu and will be crushed easily.
Not long after.
With a swish, Wei He suddenly decelerated, stopped, and landed on the tattered and overturned street ground.
“It’s almost over.”
He said softly.
Turn around and extend your right arm.
Then flash to the left.

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