tually asked Situ Hao very formally.

tually asked Situ Hao very formally.
Unexpectedly, Situ Hao’s entire face turned pale instantly.
“I, I,” his lips murmured, and he was speechless for a long time.
Ming Qing was stunned, he really just asked casually. Shanzhuang and others were also stunned, and even Lin Xin was unexpected.
“Take it!”
Immediately, a white rope shot out and severely tied up Situ Hao, who turned around to escape, and fell to the ground.
The white rope appeared from nowhere. It didn’t come from the Ming and Qing brothers. It seemed to fly out of thin air from Situ Hao’s feet. Very strange.
“Spare your life!!”
Situ Hao shouted loudly. A sharp voice.
“I was forced too!!”
Ming Qing turned around and handed Lin Xinda.
“Thank you, Master, for the reminder. I didn’t expect that the two brothers and I had been living with the spy for several days without knowing it. If we hadn’t been reminded today, we might have been deceived by this monster for a long time!”
“You’re welcome,” Lin Xin said quickly. “If you two don’t stay for a while, I can provide you with a lot of convenient information. After all, I am also the landlord of this place.” After
thinking about it for a while, the Ming and Qing people agreed. It is true that with the help of the local snake Lingxin Villa, things will be much easier.
“Okay, thank you for your help, Master.”
At this time, everyone in the Villa let out a long sigh of relief.
This level is finally passed.
Lin Xin also didn’t expect that the prosecutor would suddenly appear, and he was also a master of Tianyundao. It seemed that the Songlin Sword Sect had no scruples about dealing with him. It may be that the superiors are unwilling to take action, or are unaware of it, so the people below are making their own decisions, hoping to kill first and then report later, so as to reap the full benefits. It also seems to be a matter of lax discipline.
/Otherwise, if he really wanted to touch him, he would have pressed him directly and wouldn’t be so sneaky.
“Come on, brother Mingqing, let’s have another drink. We hit it off right away. If it weren’t for the censorship, we might not have had the chance to meet each other this time.” Lin Xin toasted to Mingqing with a smile on his face.
Ming and Qing also looked slightly guilty. With Lin Xin’s full help in the past few days, he soon found out the slightest clues. He was also excited, thinking that Lin Xin had provided them with all kinds of delicious food and drinks these days, and everything was the best. Thinking back to the time when I first misunderstood him, I felt guilty. What moved him even more was that Lin Xin’s thoughts and insights were far from those of a monk from a small place. His depth of thinking about problems was always new and surprising.
“Brother Lin is very knowledgeable. I won’t go into details here. What’s commendable is that his way of looking at problems is very unique and profound. The conversations over the past few days have given me a lot of inspiration.”
Lin Xin goes to the dark residence every day. One da

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