come to your world and make you suffer eternal torture in the wind, snow and ice!” The

come to your world and make you suffer eternal torture in the wind, snow and ice!” The
name “Moro” When it fell into his ears, Lin Yun was so crazy that he almost got scared.
According to legend, the Frost Lord Thun has six great demon servants, one of whom is Moro.
There was nothing wrong with Moro. Although the Great Demon was powerful, Lin Yun believed that when he entered the realm of a magician, he would not be unable to fight against it.
But Frost Lord Thun
is just like Frost Lord Galax, a terrifying existence that has transcended the heaven level.
Not to mention entering the realm of magicians, even if you step into the realm of titled magicians, you may not be much better than an ant in front of Frost Lord Thun.
“Damn it, why am I so unlucky to be my neighbor?”
Lin Yun cursed secretly before turning his attention to the floating Book of Death.
Now, the Book of Death was truly right in front of Lin Yun. He could hold this extraordinary magic weapon in his hand just by stretching out his hand.
Lin Yun took a deep breath and stretched out his slightly trembling right hand.
, the moment Lin Yun’s fingertips touched the Book of Death, a deafening roar sounded above Lin Yun’s head.
“Damn it, Bone Dragon!” Lin Yun was immediately startled. Is this too much of a coincidence?
/As a result, before Lin Yun could figure out how to deal with it, the Book of Death at his fingertips suddenly burst out with an astonishing force. Immediately afterwards, Lin Yun felt that the surrounding space was distorted, the gloomy Bone Hall, and the strange six-pointed star array. , the mysterious black book, everything seemed to disappear suddenly, and Lin Yun fell directly into a black wasteland.
If you look closely, it seems to be the black wasteland where the Bone Demon sleeps.
“Wait, that’s not right.” But then, Lin Yun realized that no, the black wasteland where the Bone Demon was sleeping did not have such a terrifying power of death.
Not to mention the black wasteland where the Bone Demon sleeps, even the top of the bones where the Bone Dragon sleeps cannot possess such terrifying power of death. The moment he fell onto the black wasteland, Lin Yun even thought he had entered the Garden of Death. This power of death is so terrifying that it has even become a certain kind of rule.
“Human, you are really overestimating your capabilities.” Just when Lin Yun was puzzled, a black figure slowly walked from the end of the black wasteland. Come over.
The seemingly endless black wasteland, at the feet of this black figure, actually crossed over in just one step. Almost as soon as the sound sounded, the black figure stood in front of Lin Yun.
“Such a small power, you actually want to be my master!”
“You are?” Lin Yun was stunned for a moment, then opened his eyes suddenly: “Are you the Book of Death?”
“No, no, no,” the black figure shook. Shaking his head, he couldn’t see the expression on his face clearly because of the hood: “You can call me Kane. As for the Book of Death, if you really h

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