Yuanxiashanren said with a smile.
“The magic weapons, elixirs, etc. that are obtained can be given to anyone who is suitable for use. As long as they are not too valuable, you can just put them away. My goal is the volume of the Fu Di Jade Record in the Ancient Immortal Cave. .”
“Fudi Yulu?”
Everyone’s heart trembled.
“It turns out it’s for this, the top-grade Earth Immortal Foundation. It is said that some Fu Di Yulu has the tyrannical effect of changing the Immortal Foundation.”
A strange color flashed across Zeng Zhuo’s face.
“Who is this Fu Di Yu Lu?” Fairy Murong asked slightly puzzled. She obviously had never heard of this name.
“After we reach the perfection of the fifth level, we need to lay the foundation of the Earth Immortal. Special methods are needed to reach a good level. I once heard a senior mention that the Fu Di Jade Record is a record of a mid-level or mid-level The above method of laying the foundation of immortality is a general term for jade slips.”
“That’s it.” Fairy Murong’s eyes flashed slightly and she said no more.
Lin Xin was not tempted at all.
Although the Voldemort Jade Record was precious, the power of Bihu Mountain was too terrifying. He had seen top-grade or even top-grade Voldemort Jade Records in the exchange table of the Life Tower.
/Although the contribution point requirement is at least tens or millions, it is the cornerstone for the future.
After all, if you don’t have an Immortal Foundation above the middle level, you will have to stop at the first level of Condensation when you step into the Earth Immortal. The Immortal Foundation is unstable and unstable, just like a high-rise building without a good foundation. If it is forcibly cultivated and improved, the final result will be destruction of the Tao and people.
For people from outside the sect, this Fudi Jade Record is a peerless secret book, but for people with terrifying forces like Bihushan, it is just a more expensive secret book.
He glanced over and saw deep envy and a hint of temptation in the eyes of the other people.
He suddenly felt emotional, this is the difference between large sects and ordinary sects.
The fifth-level human immortal, at this level, is at least the master of the first sect or the supreme elder in the outside world.
At this level, it is good that the sect has a deep foundation, and there are inherited classics recording these practice methods. For most sects with a shallow heritage, it would be good to have a fifth-level human immortal in charge. Once you reach the fairyland, you can only explore the road ahead on your own and earn some money to move forward in the future.
This person from Yuanxia Mountain may be like this. He spent many years of accumulation in one go, just to find a method to lay the foundation of immortality.
It’s a pity that many monks are not allowed to reveal any spells. These people are willing to take risks and go to the ruins to explore the Fu Di Jade Record. Otherwise, if you just buy some Immortal Foundation methods casuall

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