they were able to defeat them. This made them somewhat excited deep in their hearts.

they were able to defeat them. This made them somewhat excited deep in their hearts.
“After we go back, it seems we need to master those three spells as soon as possible! I just don’t know if Uncle Yi and I have the qualifications?”
The three spells are Xiaofeng Lei Technique, Soul Purifying Spell, and Wan Mu Jue.
Among them, the soul-purifying spell is a method that integrates offense and defense. It is a method specifically designed to deal with the evil spirits. It can also save the souls of the dead.
Wanmu Jue can condense the power of Yimu and condense the essence of Yimu to protect the body. It is a defensive technique.
The small wind and thunder technique can be divided into two. One is the wind technique, which can control the wind for a short time.
Next is the Wind and Thunder method, which has considerable divine power.
However, there are certain requirements for the practice of the three magic arts.
This involves the practitioner’s constitution, such as spiritual roots.
Although not all immortal cultivators must possess spiritual roots, possessing spiritual roots can indeed produce twice the result with half the effort when practicing spells of certain attributes.
Both Wan Mu Jue and Xiao Feng Lei Technique have certain requirements. Without spiritual roots, it will inevitably be more difficult to practice.
The soul-purifying spell is universal. It is a spell that anyone can practice. It only tests the practitioner’s logical understanding.
The Zhang family was attacked by bandits at night, and the news that the imperial plaque was destroyed spread quickly the next day.
The imperial plaque was destroyed by bandits, and even Yang Qing, the magistrate of Fengxi County, had to personally enter the Zhang family to investigate the situation.
Just walking out of Zhang’s house, Yang Qing’s old face was gloomy and dripping with water.
“Master Zhang, stay!”
“Brother Yang is so righteous, so the Zhang family would like to thank Brother Yang in advance!”
Zhang Yi followed behind like a spring breeze blowing on his face.
In the attic of Fang Linju, Zhang Jian could see Yang Qing fluttering his sleeves and leaving, while Zhang Yi and Zhang Kui walked out of the hall.
/Capturing the five heroes of the North alive was like holding Yang Qing’s lifeline.
This is irrefutable evidence that Yang Zhonghuai was a bandit. If it were revealed, not only would Yang Zhonghuai be stripped of his honor and imprisoned, but Yang Qing would not be able to keep his official title either.
Of course the Zhang family would not let this opportunity pass by.
What a shrewd person Zhang Yi is.
This time, he was not planning to take the opportunity to launch an attack to drive Yang Qing away.
The attack is certain.
But it was not to drive Yang Qing away.
After driving away Yang Qing, the imperial court will definitely send other officials. At that time, there will be a new ‘Yang Qing’. Instead of such a situation, the best choice is undoubtedly to seize this handle to control ‘Yang Qing’ and take

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