Zhou Jijun complicatedly.

Zhou Jijun complicatedly.
/“As I said before, you are in my treacherous illusion… did you say outside the treacherous illusion? Of course it is Yunhuang.”
Zhou Jijun lowered his voice and looked at the assassin’s face, and saw him His face was as white as paper, and his body was trembling slightly.
The gentleman’s sword floated out of the sleeves of his robe and shot towards the assassin in a strange arc.
“It’s time for you to go back now.”
/The assassin suddenly raised his head, clamped the Junzi Sword with his hands together, looked at Zhou Jijun blankly, and murmured in confusion.
“Where to go back…”
“Return naturally to reincarnation. Your will has been destroyed, and the past will be forgotten. From now on, you will be trapped in reincarnation and never come out.”
“No! You said this is your trick. Illusion is not the world of reincarnation…could it be, no…where is this place…”
The assassin looked panicked. He looked at Zhou Jijun hesitantly, his eyes gradually becoming… He was erratic, and after a while he no longer knew where he was or who he was. The Junzi Sword opened his hands and chopped off his head.
Blood splattered like plum blossoms flying in all directions. The night curtain lifted upwards with the blood light, bright sunlight came in, and panicked screams echoed in his ears. Zhou Jijun glanced around and saw pedestrians staring at him in fear. They followed the man who was beheaded by Zhou Jijun and then dispersed in a rush.
“The royal guards are here. The bold villain dares to kill people in the street! Don’t leave!”
The sound of horse hooves came from the distance. Zhou Jijun looked at the group of knights at the end of the long street indifferently. He sighed softly, rolled up his long sleeves and swayed, waiting. When the Jin Yiwei arrived, they only saw a body with two body parts and a spear lying in a pool of blood.
“Master National Master, are you so afraid that I will enter the world of reincarnation for a hundred generations to practice the way of reincarnation?”
In the sky over Yanjing in the Ming Dynasty, Zhou Jijun stood on a cloud throne and looked at the chaotic capital, with inexplicable disappointment on his face. In the past four years, Zhou Jijun has entered the world of reincarnation thirteen times, but every time he was chased by powerful assassins, forcing Zhou Jijun to flee in the world of reincarnation all the time, trying every trick to kill these assassins, like this Once, Zhou Jijun spent two months laying out the plan in this world of reincarnation, and finally broke the assassin’s will and lost his mind. A practitioner as strong as the Xuantian realm would also be lost in the world of reincarnation, and he would be trapped from then on, let alone Said that there are only assassins at the peak of Fa Tian. However, this reincarnation has been known to the Imperial Master, so Zhou Jijun had no choice but to give up his own world of reincarnation and return to Dongsheng Shenzhou to gather enough Taoist energy to prepare for the next entry. B

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