e. I owe a lot of gambling debt, or I’m in love with a girl. I think the latter is about the same. What’s the relationship problem? “

e. I owe a lot of gambling debt, or I’m in love with a girl. I think the latter is about the same. What’s the relationship problem? ”
I don’t want to talk about her anymore . But the stubborn stone in my heart would always be washed away, so I opened my mouth and said a few simple words. Unexpectedly, I kept saying more and more. It’s getting more and more detailed, and I can’t even stop the car. Hugo didn’t interrupt much during the whole process. After listening patiently, he gave me a cigarette and said with a smile: “Falling in love with a bitch. Right?”
/, although I am separated from Yudie . She was still a little unhappy when she heard others call her a bitch, but she didn’t get angry. She shook her head and said, “She’s not a bitch. She’s just not suitable for me.”
“Stop fooling yourself, she is a bitch, and you are one.” Kaizi, what a simple thing!”
Hugo sighed and shook his head: “If people always live in the lies they tell themselves, they will never learn to look at themselves. Due to his shortcomings, he can only remain contented throughout his life.”
The fire in my heart was inexplicably suppressed. I raised my head and looked at Hugo beside me. I leaned against the wall in a daze for a while, and finally said: “Maybe you are right, she is too smart, and I Too stupid.”
“Brother, men will always fall in love with a few bitches in their lives. Those men who have a smooth life and never encounter a crisis in their relationship are not real men. Crisis brings growth. You are so young. There are a lot of women waiting for you in the future. Don’t be deceived by the so-called love that occurs after hormones are secreted. Only by making money, achieving your career, and expressing yourself can you get the so-called love. Let me say something unpleasant, if you and Roschel. The De family is also rich, so even if this woman likes to spend money, doesn’t it matter to you?”
“Luo Luo, what De”
I asked awkwardly.
“The Rothschild family, the most famous and powerful family in the world, started their fortune in banking. In their heyday, except for our Qing Empire, they had the final say in all of Europe. How much money they have is astronomical. Numbers.”
“How can I do this?”
I shouted in surprise.
“Why not? You are stupid. Don’t any large family or any powerful large enterprise start from scratch? Human beings developed from the barbaric era. At the beginning, there was nothing. Later, they established civilization and pioneered Those who have become the beneficiaries. So who says we can’t be pioneers in this era? Don’t be in awe of those huge families and powerful people. Maybe they have some special potential, but believe me, you also have it!”
/I paused and hurriedly shook my head and said: “I can’t do it. Where can I be?”
“Recognize yourself, you know how capable you are.”
As I was talking, a siren suddenly sounded below the rooftop. I looked down and saw three police cars. I stopped under the rooftop building, and my heart tightened. I felt like these people were com

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