out of the hall with a few followers.

out of the hall with a few followers.
As soon as he left, others followed one after another. Lingqian sat on the chair, raised her head and looked at me and said, “Without you, I wouldn’t be able to sit in this chair.”
I replied with a smile: ” What I want to show you is not this one, but the one above.”
Outside the competition ring, there were twelve chairs sitting high above. The fat man was smoking a cigarette and said from behind: “The ring is so well arranged, it seems that I already knew it. For a big competition, the layout of the surrounding barriers and formations cannot be completed in a day or two. It seems that the old man Lingqun has already thought about making such a move.”
I nodded, and there were several groups on the stage. Man and horse fight. There are also rules for martial arts competitions. Although this competition does not involve life or death, the principle of one-on-one fairness must still be maintained. Although there is blood, no one has died so far.
Lingqian seemed a little nervous. Although he was calm on the surface, it could be seen from some small movements. I gently pressed her shoulder and said beside her: “Don’t be afraid. It doesn’t matter.”
The winner is determined quickly. The real competition will not be like what is shown in the movie. The fight lasts for three days and three nights and is not over. , often a hand in hand. Three or four moves determine the outcome. It can be seen that there are only one or two real masters in each group. Cheers and applause came from the front, and the competition between two groups of people came to an end.
“This is already the third game. Three groups of people have been eliminated. I think it’s almost our turn.” Luo Qiong muttered, and sure enough, Lingqun turned around and looked over, waved lightly and said, “Lingqian One group. The one they are fighting against is the Linglong family.”
/As soon as Lingqun reported, the people around him started talking in low voices. Lingqian hurriedly said: “The ancestor must have done it on purpose to let us meet a strong team.”
“Tell me about it.” As I spoke, I looked forward and saw that there were forty or fifty people standing next to the ring opposite. I got up, and the person walking in the middle should be a spiritual dragon. I originally thought that the person with the word “dragon” in his name would be either a strong man or a mighty and domineering man, but I didn’t expect that the man walking in the middle of the crowd gave birth to a little boy. She has a clean face, short hair, and a scholarly look between her brows. It’s just that the eyes are slender and look very scheming.
“Linglong used to compete with my brother for the world. At that time, he could be regarded as the only candidate who could compete with my brother for the position of family and residence. He trained a group of dead soldiers under him, all of whom invited Da Yuan Tiancheng. He is trained by experts in the government and can even die with his opponents at critical moments. He is also very diffic

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