of his mouth slightly raised.

of his mouth slightly raised.
“From what I can see, this second option is the most likely. The cultivation strength of your lineage should be far higher than that of the other aliens. You should be the leader of the aliens in the world and lead them to guard the holy legacy of Lord Yishan. . But you kept your name secret, hid your strength and joined the ranks of strangers, and deliberately spread the message of Yishan Lord into the world to instigate strangers into the world. It can be said that
you have the identity and ability to control strangers in the world . , but instead of using it, he stood on the opposite side of these descendants of Yishan. He showed no mercy and told King Tong Zhao and me these secrets without any hesitation. It’s in.”
Zhou Jijun looked up at Huo Buyi, who had a sinking face and said nothing, and smiled faintly.
“So, you want to rebel against him.”
The Huayu incense burns to the end, the ashes are gone, glowing with fluorescence, and the jade cones inserted into the incense burner are piled up layer by layer. This King Tong’s favorite Huayu incense is perhaps the most luxurious item in the simple palace of King Zhao.
Ho Buyi sighed softly, an inexplicable smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, looked Zhou Jijun up and down, and spoke after a long time.
“As expected of Mr. Jun, you were able to guess so much with just a few words from me, and you got 40% of your guesses right.”
“Only 40%.”
Zhou Jijun frowned slightly and took the yellowed book from his arms. He took out the Biography of the Tiger Saint and was about to open it when he suddenly thought of something and his brows could not help but tighten again.
“This book was originally owned by you, and you must have read it a long time ago. It must contain records about the location of Xiaotian Mountain. Why don’t you go directly and insist on going with me?”
/“I know what you are thinking, and you are worried that I will lead you away with evil intentions. Although you and I have different views on the murderous plan at Xiaotian Mountain, it does not affect my interests. Besides, I will never take action easily if I am not absolutely sure about anything. Zhou Jijun said, “Don’t be suspicious. Think carefully about the name of Saint Yishanjun.”
“Huh? Lord Yishan…” Zhou Jijun showed a hint of surprise on his face, “Could it be said that that mountain… ….”
“Yes, Xiaotian Mountain is constantly moving.” Huo Buyi ignored Zhou Jijun, who looked strange. He looked through the hollow roof of the temple at the increasingly green sky, his eyes deep, as if he was searching. That distant and elusive Guyuan, “When Saint Yishanjun was born, he had a demon body, and he held a strange treasure in his mouth, called the Yishanzhu. Later, he refined this magic weapon and connected it with flesh and blood. After he completed his cultivation, in addition to After possessing unfathomable strength, he also mastered the only mountain-moving magic in the world. No matter how tall and heavy the mountain is, he can c

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