ooked at him again. His clothes were half gray and half white, and he felt a little disappointed.

ooked at him again. His clothes were half gray and half white, and he felt a little disappointed.
“Wuna man, this is Black Wind Mountain, and I am the scholar in white…”
“The other two are King Black Wind and Taoist Ling Xuzi.”
Before the scholar in white could finish speaking, Zhou Jijun smiled faintly. , interrupted the conversation, but the three-headed monsters were stunned on the spot. You look at me, I look at you. After a while, the Black Wind King made a fierce look, and walked up to Zhou Jijun with a heavy black iron gun in his hand. Smashed to the ground.
“Who are you, and how do you know our identities?”
“The three kings are sworn to Black Wind Mountain. They are highly capable, and there are more than a dozen little demons. They can be said to be powerful soldiers and horses. Naturally, they are famous far and wide. How can Silver Hair not know about it. ”
Hearing this, the Black Wind King was stunned for a moment, then his face turned red, and he was secretly proud of himself. Upon hearing this, the scholar in white also felt that his three brothers were great, but he still felt that the man’s words were strange. There was a look of trepidation on his face, but he never took his eyes away from Zhou Jijun’s snow-white clothes.
“It seems that your Excellency is also a great king. I wonder what your name is and where the cave is.”
King Heifeng is a rough man and cannot stand the praise of others. Looking at Zhou Jijun, the more he looks at it, the more he likes it. Such a pleasing person must be Fellow people.
“My name is Yinfa. I came to Hezhou, Xiniu today, just to find a cave to found a mountain and establish a sect.”
“Hahaha, brother Yinfa just came to Xiniu, but it is fate to hear about our reputation, so why not stay here? In my Black Wind Mountain, do you want to be the fourth master?”
King Black Wind looked at Zhou Jijun eagerly. Although the scholar in white and Ling Xuzi were good friends, they were not too big or too small for him, the big master. He can also enjoy the feeling of being worshiped by the fourth master who has been “admired for a long time”.
Zhou Jijun smiled and said nothing. The water unicorn beneath him glanced at the three monsters listlessly, then lowered his head and imitated an ordinary horse to nibble on the grass on the ground, but he was cursing in his heart. Among the three monsters in front of me, except King Black Wind, who is at the lower level of Xuantian, the other two are not even at the middle level of Fatian. If it had been him, he would have slapped these three little monsters into a pulp. I really don’t know what Mr. Jun is thinking, but he still has the leisure and leisure to be chatty with them.
/“Why, the silver-haired brother thinks that Black Wind Mountain is too small to accommodate you, the great king?”
A strange and sinister voice came, but it was Ling Xuzi who sneered.
After the words fell, King Black Wind’s expression changed slightly, and the scholar in white clothes beside him suddenly laughed.
“If you want to visit

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