ed part of the defensive power of the good fortune green lotus.

ed part of the defensive power of the good fortune green lotus.
It’s just that because the buds deep in the core have not yet opened, the lotus leaf’s defensive aura is not very strong.
But it was enough to give Zhang Jian more expectations.
The stronger the innate origin, the higher the grade of the lotus platform produced within it must be.
/Not long after, the origin of the Nine-Headed Evil Dragon was completely refined by Zhang Jian.
Shi Zu and Zhang Jian both had a smile on their faces at this time.
Although they know that the Nine-Headed Evil Dragon cannot completely fall, but the true body is damaged here and the Dao Fruit is lost. Even if one or two residual spirits escape, it is basically impossible to return to the peak, or even return to the realm of Dao Lord. These are all extremely difficult things.
/For strong people, foundation and origin are extremely important.
Otherwise, even if you master the corresponding knowledge and inheritance, it will be difficult for a skilled woman to make a meal without rice.
“Senior Shizu, who are we going to attack next?”
Zhang Jian’s eyes were filled with thought.
Within the Forbidden Formation of the Three Realms, only the three great ancestors of the Heavenly Talisman Realm remain.
The True Light Sect Ancestor, the True Fu Taoist Ancestor and the Hongyuan Taoist Ancestor.
Shizu had already suspected it, so he said.
“The True Talisman Taoist Ancestor and the True Light Sect Ancestor have never dealt with each other. They have been suppressed by the other three Taoist Ancestors in the Tianfu Realm. Maybe we can take this opportunity to let Tianyuan come forward to win over one or two. The two of us will send off the True Light Sect Ancestor and Hongyuan Taoist Ancestor first! ”
After a slight pause, he glanced at Zhang Jian and said.
“We will clean up the miscellaneous fish first, and then deal with the True Light Sect Ancestor!”
Shi Zu was referring to Hongyuan Taoist Ancestor.
This Taoist ancestor’s Daoxing is indeed inferior to that of Zhenguang Jiaozu and Zhenfu Daozu. Currently, he is still in the third-level Taoist realm.
And the foundation is incomparable with the other two Taoist ancestors.
Zhang Jian nodded.
At this time, he also knew that the three of them could not stay in this void for too long.
The void is dangerous, and no one knows what kind of existence will come after receiving the news at the next moment.
Hongyuan Daozu was now based on a magnificent continent.
This continent is filled with rolling human weather, birds singing and flowers fragrant. Looking around, all kinds of frosty sky are free.
Hongyuan Daozu fell here and used many secret methods, but he was unable to get in touch with the rules of the great road above the void of the heavens.
Although it is already known that this place is transformed into a great formation of heaven and earth, it is still trapped in the city of sorrow.
Everything derived here is very real. All the creatures here seem to be real living creatures. They are also ex

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