r one person in Xuan Jing in terms of strength.

r one person in Xuan Jing in terms of strength.
And according to the estimation of everyone in the sect, the gap between Zhu Chen and everyone else is very big. Even the strongest heads of the three families are bound to lose in front of him.
The previous confiscation of homes and genocide added a lot of power to it.
In front of such a vicious person, if he accidentally angers the other party…
“Interesting.” Zhu Chen suddenly chuckled. “You just change people when you say you want to. Do you have my consent? I think your Wandu Sect doesn’t want to take up a position on the Xuanjing ground anymore, right?”
“Sir, calm down, this is a helpless move. If you don’t want to, the Sect Master He is not seriously injured, and he has sent me to wait for your orders.” Xiao Qingyu said without being humble or arrogant, “In addition, the name of our sect is not Wandu Sect, but Wanqing Sect. Please don’t remember it wrong.
“It doesn’t matter whether it’s Wan Du Clan or Wan Qing Clan… Clan Master Wei was performing official duties for me, and he was injured during his official duties. It seems that he should go to your station to pay a visit. ” Zhu Chen’s voice continued.
“Sir, don’t be surprised. In order to heal his wounds, the master of my sect has gone to another place to seek medical treatment. He is no longer in the sect. Even we don’t know his whereabouts.” Xiao Qingyu stopped his thoughts.
“So, Wei He is no longer inside the door now?” Zhu Chen’s voice paused, and a faint hint of danger escaped.
This kind of meeting was not frequent because of the pursuit mission and the need to move around. Now when they were about to meet, someone suddenly disappeared and was said to be seriously injured.
Then he wanted to visit her, but he also said that he had traveled far away and was nowhere to be found.
Isn’t this just making excuses? Did you make your attitude clear from the beginning?
“Back to you, sir.” Xiao Qingyu said in a deep voice, “My sect master has extraordinary physical skills, and he comes and goes like the wind. I can’t wait for him. We don’t know his whereabouts, and he didn’t leave any contact information before he left, so ….”
She completely blocked all the conversation with one sentence.
“Then, what if I want Wei He to come see me again right away?” Zhu Chen’s voice interrupted her subsequent words.
Xiao Qingyu’s heart tightened and he was silent for a moment before replying.
“…My lord, please forgive me.”
/For a moment, the atmosphere in front of the Zhu Mansion was stagnant. There was clearly a breeze blowing on the ground, but Xiao Qingyu felt as if there was an invisible force quietly controlling the surrounding airflow. He quietly grasped her heart, leaving her breathless.
Now, once Zhu Chen breaks out, he will declare his complete attack on Wanqing Sect.
It was about to be a life and death battle, and she, Xiao Qingyu, was the first to bear the brunt, fearing that she would not be able to escape from this place.
Therefore, at this moment, Zhu Chen’s answer almost d

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