“One person and one corpse.”

“One person and one corpse.”
/In other words, what I encountered last night was not all people, one of them was a corpse.
I had heard rumors earlier. It is said that people who use poison will carry the poison with them, just like carrying weapons. People who are good at using insect poison will naturally bring poisonous insects with them, and people who are good at using corpse poison will probably take zombies with them on the road. . So, I actually met someone who might be targeting Song Aizhen last night, but I didn’t know it at the time!
After thinking about this, I feel that there are more and bigger mysteries that have not been solved.
/Zhongtianmen has been keeping a low profile for so many years. This can be seen from the fact that I couldn’t find any problems with spies. But since it has been keeping a low profile for so many years, why did it attack ordinary people this time? Could it be that Song Aizhen knew something or was it for other reasons?
The more I thought about it, the more I felt something was wrong. I originally thought I was just doing Boss Song a favor by driving away an evil spirit, but now that it has developed to this point, it seems like there are a lot more involved.
Before the lights went out in the detention center, Fatty and I were randomly interrogated twice more, and records were taken. Fortunately, no action was taken against us. In recent years, there has been an emphasis on civilized handling of cases and law enforcement. It is said that some places keep their doors open when non-criminal offenders are taking notes. Fatty and I are innocent to begin with, and we can go out tomorrow depending on the situation.
At night, I couldn’t sleep, so I sat leaning against the wall, putting my hand on my chin and thinking about something. It must have been about ten o’clock when I saw some faint points of light crawling down the wall. At first I didn’t notice what they were. But those light spots were getting brighter and brighter, and there were more and more, and they were lined up and going down the wall, and then I noticed them. I stood up and looked at the glowing things. After a closer look, I realized that these things were all ants, and they were all glowing ants!
There must be hundreds of them, and they are not very big, not much bigger than the ants you see in ordinary homes. But the body glows, and the brightness is not low when grouped together.
“Why are there glowing ants?” This was the first time I saw them. I didn’t feel any threat when facing the ants. I was staring curiously when the ants suddenly stopped and then suddenly accelerated towards my feet. Come over here!
This swarm of ants crawled very fast. Hundreds of them were connected in a group. They quickly got into my legs like a long glowing snake and wrapped around my entire leg in a moment. It would not be surprising to see one or two ants in a nest. People often use ants to describe weaklings, but in fact, these gregarious and inconspicuous insects are more terrifying than any beasts. I heard peop

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