ore they even see you.”

ore they even see you.”
I pursed my lips and wandered back and forth. After walking around for a while, he suddenly clapped his hands and shouted: “Yes, yes!”
/“Is there such a place?” Uncle Jia asked hurriedly.
“There is a village purely composed of monsters on the outskirts of Shanghai. The leader of that village is an ancient bull monster. He is very powerful and has fought with me in the past. Although he is not my opponent, if the monsters of a village can deal with Shang Yue If we take Yue Cheng’s troops, they will definitely cause a lot of trouble to Yue Cheng. The Yao Village is aggressive and doesn’t like outsiders. When we see so many people from Yue Cheng coming in full force, we will definitely launch an attack. Attack. Let the giants surround him from behind and attack from both sides. Let alone half of his troops, I can get two-thirds of his troops inside. But how can I lure him to the demon village? It’s okay, but I’m afraid that if the intention is too obvious, he will become suspicious.” Our plan gradually matured, but more problems were exposed.
“I’ll lure him to the bait.” Uncle Jia said in a calm voice.
“No, what you do is tantamount to harming your colleagues. Mr. Sha will not let you go, no!” I firmly disagree with Uncle A doing this. If the evidence that Yue Cheng killed Mr. Tao was conclusive, then it wouldn’t be a big mistake for Uncle Jia to kill him with a knife at the end. Mr. Sha couldn’t find any excuse. But if he helps me, it will be a blatant disobedience to Sha Lao’s order, which is a serious crime!
“That’s it!” Uncle Jia had already made up his mind, with a decisive tone.
“Stop talking,” he looked at me and sighed, “Although I blame you for not being able to save Teacher Tao, but if it was me and not you who was at sea that day, after learning that Teacher Tao died, At that time, I would have made the same decision as you. I had no chance at that time, and I will not regret it now, even if it is a felony. ”
I will not change the decision he made. He was actually a little speechless.
“The time is set in three days. I know the demon village you are talking about and have sent people to investigate. Three days later is the big day for them to worship their ancestors. If they encounter a group of fully armed humans on such a big day, they will definitely be even more angry. The possibility of a violent conflict is higher. It will be scheduled in three days.”
Then we discussed the details and prepared to leave after meeting for an hour.
“Uncle” I stopped him when we were saying goodbye.
“Huh?” He looked at me doubtfully.
“I want to tell you that you are one of the two people I admire the most in the entire 507 Institute, the other is Mr. Tao.”
“Oh, is there anything unusual? Isn’t it normal for a small town on the outskirts of Shanghai to have a small car? This is not the uninhabited land of Lop Nur, so there’s nothing surprising about seeing a small car.” I asked strangely.
“It’s not that the cars are strange, it’s mainly that there are so many of t

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