a document, “This is the quantity of the first batch of ODM. Later, the second batch of orders will be added based on sales.”

a document, “This is the quantity of the first batch of ODM. Later, the second batch of orders will be added based on sales.”
Yu Zhi picked up the document and took a look at it, and asked in surprise: “One hundred thousand ?”
Zhao Lei nodded affirmatively, “Yes, one hundred thousand, the first batch!”
This is the most sincere investor Yu Zhi has ever encountered. Even the research and development expenses he has been worried about are much higher than his requirements. Except There was really nothing to fault about the holding, and Yu Zhi was moved.
Taking a look at the shareholders on both sides, I saw that they were all like-minded friends who came together because of the same hobby. They rejected many ill-intentioned investors and adhered to the original concept. But now…the longing look in each of their eyes has never been seen before.
Yu Zhi suddenly stood up and stretched out his hand to Ding Tao: “Manager Ding, happy cooperation!”
Ding Tao breathed a sigh of relief and stood up with a smile, “Happy cooperation, Mr. Yu Zhi!”
Wei Fang stared blankly at the side Ding Tao and Zhao Lei, were they really just sales and small supervisors before?

At the same time, the Alto car was driving along the North Second Ring Road with the traffic. The weather was too hot. The air conditioner of the second-hand Alto bought by Lao Ba could not withstand the test of high temperature and officially declared a strike.
“Hello?” Zhao Song was shirtless and answered the phone irritably, “This is Tesla, but I’m not Dashuaishai!”
“You want Dashuaishai? Then buy a mid-tower chassis first, Dashuaishai will do it Delivery for you.”
“Frozen? That’s two!”
“Yes, of course. Dear lady, please leave your address and I will deliver it to you when Frozen comes on the market! ”
Putting down the phone and looking at Lao Ba’s joking eyes, Zhao Song was just about to say something when the phone rang again for an unknown number of times.
“Hello, this is Tesla. Thank you very much for your call.”
/“Miss Bai? Of course I am not Miss Bai. I am honored that my voice can make you have such a beautiful reverie.”
Laoba: “Ugh~~”
Cash: 1.12 million.
Factory Building No. 6, Tesla Factory, Pingchang District.
Gui Luyang staggered back and forth on the assembly line. As soon as any employee showed signs of fatigue, she would immediately go up and give them a rest so that they could rest.
“Xiaojie, you go down and have a rest, I’ll take over for a while.”
Upon hearing this, the young female employee did not refuse, but quickly stood up and moved out of the way.
Seeing Gui Luyang working skillfully, the female employee named Xiaojie was envious.
“Director, today is the first day of shift three. I didn’t get used to it for a while.” Xiaojie said embarrassedly.
Gui Luyang was busy with her hands and replied with a smile: “It’s okay, I’m so young. Who can bear to get up so early? Come and take my place after a break.”
“Director, why did the third shift suddenly happen? Dumb. It scared me to death to come knocki

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