d you mind recording it?”

d you mind recording it?”
The woman shook her head slightly and smiled: “Just don’t show your face!”
Zhao Song nodded and signaled to the bodyguard. , then took off the Ermenegildo Zegna suit, laid down the main unit, and removed the side transparent cover. His skillful movements made the onlookers stunned.
/“What’s your surname?”
“Ms. Xi, the Republic of Gamers E-ATX motherboard was launched late in the life of the 815 chipset, so when new technologies are about to be launched, in order to protect the interests of every Republic of Gamers customer , we have specially adjusted it. You can see this on the official website and the manual.”
Looking at the confused expression on the woman’s face, Zhao Song stopped talking about technical words and touched the static-removing metal on the counter. Among the complicated jumpers on the motherboard, I removed a tiny jumper and then plugged in another jumper end.
Raising his head, Zhao Song explained to the woman with a smile: “The original intention of the establishment of the Republic of Gamers is to create a high-end brand for overclocking enthusiasts and game fanatics, and more to demonstrate the strength of the company. So in order for every customer to have all the To effectively experience today’s game masterpieces, micro-overclocking settings were made on it when it left the factory!”
At this point, Zhao Song straightened the chassis and gently pressed the boot button.
With a “beep~” sound, the computer started up, and on the monitor, that beautiful eye appeared in front of everyone.
“Republic of Players is a brand owned by Tesla. Rumors in the market have no impact on us, because we focus more on providing the ultimate experience for every user. This eye is ‘G’, and its full name is Republic of Gamers, translated into Chinese, is the Republic of Gamers! Ms. Xi, you are Tesla’s top customer. Today, I will make an exception for you.”
After saying this, Zhao Song put on a suit and said solemnly to the woman: “Now, It’s compatible with any memory!”
In 2001, there were 30 million flower gardeners on the Internet, and among them, DIY enthusiasts may not even be one in a thousand.
The vast majority of netizens understand that Gamer Nation is incompatible and the quality is unstable, and they understand that young Zhao Song is greedy for quickness and perfection, but they don’t even look at the rest.
They won’t go to the official website to see the detailed parameter introduction, nor will they read the manual word for word after buying the motherboard. They go to professional It forums just to find various installation solutions. In this professional overclocking, you still need to adjust the jumpers. In those days, those complicated inserts were like a bible to them!
In Hainiao, in Zhongguancun, and in major electronics stores across the country, all the vendors and guys who run Republic of Gamers, some people know about the problem of misaligned keycaps on the motherboard, some don’t know, and some pretend not to know.
In the s

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