eat first and talk while eating.”

eat first and talk while eating.”
Su Mu also came over to look for them. In addition, the woman’s side arranged for a deputy steward to comfort her.
/Accompanied by the Prime Minister, the group went down to the second floor and sat down to dine in the Peacock Hall.
When the girl saw that it was Premier Su who accompanied him personally, a trace of surprise and cunning flashed in her eyes. When he knew he was close to a big fish, he immediately shouted affectionately from his uncle, sister, and brother.
Lin Xin also saw that the little guy planned to eat and drink together, and he didn’t point it out. The little guy’s dress did look beautiful, but it was obviously not the most suitable, based on his previous judgment.
He also had some guesses in his mind.
It didn’t matter, so I took this little guy to eat together.
After everyone sat down. Su Mu also smiled bitterly and raised his glass to Lin Xindao.
“Mr. Lin came here early in the morning to give wonderful instructions, and he saw through the fourth-grade skills such as Cloud Piercing Palm. It was eye-opening. Let’s all give a toast to Mr. Lin.”
In addition to Lin Xin and his party, there was also the little girl on the chairman’s side. Shasha, his two deputies, naturally raised their glasses to take a sip of honor.
“Miss Shasha, is it time to return that guest’s things?” Lin Xin looked at the little girl with a half-smile and whispered.
/Shasha was startled.
Others were also stunned for a moment.
Su Mu looked at Shasha suspiciously. It was obvious that even he didn’t know the cause and effect.
When Wang Peng and others looked over, he also smiled bitterly.
“Don’t look at me. My people only saw her rushing out, and were stopped by the two guests, and then they confronted each other. I don’t know the reason.”
He found that since he met Lin Xin and his party, The number of times I have smiled bitterly is more than all this year combined.
Shasha looked like she was crying. The delicate little face is originally cute and well-behaved, and at first glance, she looks like an innocent little good girl. At this time, coupled with the superb real expression, even Lin Xin was a little deceived by it, wondering whether he might have made a mistake.
“It was obviously my thing, and the little boy took notice of it, and then he wanted to make me a bet, saying that as long as they won, they would hand over my baby. But it was obviously the last thing my mother left. The last thing for me.”
The little guy looked pitiful. Everyone felt a little distressed when they saw it.
“I’m sorry, uncle, I lied. I was the only one on the boat.”
She raised her little face and said softly.
Lin Xin also lowered his voice involuntarily.
“What about your parents and relatives?”
“It’s okay if they don’t tell you.” A trace of sadness and sadness appeared on Shasha’s face.
“Don’t talk shit about you!!! I’m not dead yet!!” Before he could finish his words, a rough voice came from the outer door with a loud voice.
“Hey, you damn Shasha, how dare you curs

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