others say it every day in the future. ” Zhao Song shrugged and replied nonchalantly.

others say it every day in the future. ” Zhao Song shrugged and replied nonchalantly.
“Come on.” Patting Zhao Song on the shoulder, Wei Liang pulled Sister Da Da away.

The prosperity is gone, and we are returning home late at night.
After sending everyone away, the west gate of Zhonghai became empty. He handed two boxes of cigarettes to the two sanitation workers who were cleaning the door. After casually glancing at Santana not far away, Zhao Song turned and walked into Zhonghai.
The hall is very large, and the performing arts equipment has been cleared away, leaving only a brightly lit stage and 200 seats in the corner.
“Is this where Crazy Qiao sat?” He carefully recalled the original scene.
“Bang~” Zhao Song kicked out hard, knocking the chair over to the ground.
Then, he walked slowly to the stage, stretched out his arms, closed his eyes, and looked intoxicated, as if countless people in the audience were watching him attentively, expecting something.
Taking two steps forward slowly, Zhao Song opened his eyes, looked at the audience with a bright smile, stretched out his hands, and said as if he was holding something in his hands.
“First of all, it is very thin and can fit into an envelope!”
“They are a special group. It is just their dream to hear any sound. But in order to realize this dream, they do not use listening, but feeling. Feel the sound produced Through the vibration of sound, they can feel the music that ordinary people can’t hear, and tell people
that they can also feel music and express music with the only body language they can use. “One of the greatest cultural performances in the world!”
“Unbelievable, thank you to these outstanding dancers for their wonderful performance, thank you!”
/“Thousand-Hand Guanyin” became popular during the busiest day in the United States, and on the most relaxing night of the flower garden, the news The media needs timeliness, but netizens don’t.
As Zhao Song expected, all netizens mentioned Tesla in their comments.
“Beauty Song”, “Water Sleeve Dance”, even if there are cultural differences, the groundbreaking laser dance was the concept first proposed by gringos. On the Internet, all the programs have aroused heated discussions, and by the way, they all have special characteristics. Sla!
Along with the heated discussion on the Internet, half an hour after the press conference ended, Tesla soft articles on major IT websites around the world began to be reloaded. Tesla’s global announcement has also officially begun.
“The most expensive consumer-grade personal computer is on the market! It is not a conceptual product with a high price to show the company’s strength, but a mass-produced model!”
“Super large board, crazy stack of materials, the Republic of Gamers E-ATX large motherboard integrates almost everything Cutting-edge technology.”
“The ground-breaking Geforce3 graphics chip is world-debuted by Tesla! 460MHZ memory frequency, 7.36Gb/s bandwidth, 1.6 billion texture fill rate, shocking T&L hardware acceleration an

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