armor. The final toughness of the finished product even exceeded that of snow-spotted zombies. Zombie skin.

armor. The final toughness of the finished product even exceeded that of snow-spotted zombies. Zombie skin.
/After Liu Qian and Anna put on the snow-spotted leather armor, they felt very warm, and at the same time, they also had an extra layer of tough protection on their bodies. The leather hood can be worn on the head to keep warm and protect the head at the same time. Based on the toughness of the snow-spotted leather armor, it is estimated that it would be difficult for the snow-spotted zombies to bite it. After being fully armed, Liu Qian and Anna would be much safer when going out.
It’s just that this outfit looks a little weird. If the snow-spotted leather armor is not gray but red, it will be easily reminiscent of Spider-Man’s look.
“Brother Liu and Sister Anna’s couple costumes are so cool!” Zhang Mengdi clapped his hands and praised.
Anna laughed, Liu Gan pretended not to hear anything, and asked Jiang Jinyuan about Guo Tian’s situation.
After taking the magic medicine, Guo Tian and Wang Shang’s body temperature, heartbeat and pulse recovered a little, and the snow spots on their bodies also partially subsided, but they were still unconscious. When Zhang Mengdi had energy, he treated Guo Tian again. Presumably, he would wake up earlier than Wang Shang and other infected people.
After Liu Gan explained a few precautions to Jiang Jinyuan, he left five magic pills for emergency use. He and Anna left the villa again with another fifteen pills and came to the gathering place for the infected.
The wind and snow outside were getting louder and blowing, and the vision in places a little further away was blocked. The townspeople who came to look for relatives had dispersed, and several infected people who had taken medicine were found by their families. They dragged them away, and two infected people who were tied up by Liu Gan and had not taken any medicine were also untied and taken away.
The remaining infected people at the scene, whether they have taken medicine or not, are all still in a coma. It seems that it takes a long time for the infected person who was bitten to recover or completely transform into a snow-spotted zombie.
Judging from the situation at the scene, the snow spots on the infected people who took the medicine tended to gradually decrease and become lighter, while the snow spots on the infected people who did not take the medicine continued to increase, which made their appearance look increasingly worse. It looks more and more like a snow-spotted zombie.
Liu Qian and Anna gave the magic medicine to fifteen more people, dragged these fifteen people away from the other infected people who had not taken the medicine, and dragged them to the infected people who had taken the medicine. Then Liu Gan tied up all the remaining twenty or so infected people who had not taken any medicine but who had not yet been tied up.
Just as Liu Qian was busy with all this and was about to return to the underground warehouse of Ice Lake Villa with Anna, a middle-aged woman suddenly screamed and r

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