will be discounted by at least half or more.” Mint said in a helpless tone.

will be discounted by at least half or more.” Mint said in a helpless tone.
“Things are getting more and more interesting.”
Liu Qian frowned. Scepter had been fighting for Zhang Mengdi from the beginning, and asked Liu Qian to join her in his team. Now there is another relic of God’s Domain, the Mint spaceship. The mastermind wanted to get the magic cabinet at all costs; the organization behind the Holy Sword, called Bo Min, a certain dark organization, hijacked Zhang Mengdi first and also wanted to get the magic cabinet.
/It seems that the overall strategy for Tundra City is definitely inseparable from the Magic Cabinet.
“Our headquarters, like yours, also wants to get this metal cabinet. In fact, I don’t know what the cabinet is used for. And we have done a lot of technical work, but we still can’t decipher the key to open the cabinet.” Shen Ku saw Liu Qian kept standing there in a daze, not knowing that Liu Qian was talking to Mint. He thought Liu Qian wanted to move the magic cabinet away from here, so he had a few words with Liu Qian without saying anything. The main purpose was to try to ignore it. He had to clear himself up, lest Liu Qian get angry and vent his anger on him because he couldn’t take away the magic cabinet.
After these few minutes, the fog armor outside Shen Ku’s body has recovered a little bit. As long as he recovers a little more and doesn’t worry about Liu Gan crushing his heart, he can find a way to escape from Liu Gan’s coercion. .
“You should stop talking nonsense before I let you speak!” Liu Qian punched Shen Ku on the head, blasting away the trace of fog armor he had just accumulated.
Shen Ku couldn’t help but regret, what nonsense did you talk to him just now? Can’t we just wait until the fog armor recovers and escape? This is great, I finally recovered a little bit, but now it’s all gone!
“Brother Liu, have you controlled the leader of the Holy Sword Camp?” Mo Fan’s voice suddenly appeared in the psychic communication. Bo Min and Liu Qian were not using a private channel just now. Mo Fan could hear their conversation.
“Yeah” Liu Qian was stunned. He hadn’t heard Mo Fan’s voice for a long time. He thought Mo Fan had died in the battle!
“He still has control over the Holy Sword Camp, right?” Mo Fan asked Liu Qian again.
“In that case, wouldn’t it be easy to escape from the Holy Sword Camp?” Mo Fan said in a somewhat proud tone, and Liu Qian could already imagine that he was touching his chin again at this time.
/“Tell me.”
“Holy Sword Camp is adjacent to cliffs on both sides. There are fully automatic machine gun forts and forts on the cliffs. The mountains above the cliff are steep. With the powerful air defense of Holy Sword Camp, our transport planes will definitely not be able to get close, so we saved people After that, there is no need to consider retreating from those two directions.”
“There are two exits in the Holy Sword Camp. The defense force is most concentrated at the front door and the side door. A dozen mecha soldiers are evenly distribu

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