ze the energy zombies, she laughed so hard that she couldn’t breathe anymore.

ze the energy zombies, she laughed so hard that she couldn’t breathe anymore.
“Please don’t die laughing.” Liu Qian couldn’t find the point of laughter and looked at Anna speechlessly.
“Hahahahaha” Anna continued to laugh.
“Try to see if you can attach ice energy to the bow and arrow, and then attack. Maybe it will be more lethal.” Liu Qian reminded Anna.
“Well, that makes sense.” Anna took out the Dream God Bow, pulled the string, and tried to condense the ice energy in her mind.
“Huh?” Anna yelled softly.
“What’s wrong?” Liu Gan looked back at Anna.
/“Did you see my arrow?” Anna gestured to Liu Qian.
“See, what’s wrong?”
“I didn’t take out the arrow just now. This arrow seems to be made of condensed ice energy!” Anna looked a little excited, and she used her mind to conjure an arrow out of thin air!
“Oh? Then try shooting it with an arrow.” Liu Gan put away the thunder that was about to be released.
“Well, let me give it a try.” Anna took a bow and shot an arrow, shooting an arrow at the energy zombie that was turned into an ice sculpture.
‘Whoosh! With a sound, the ice arrow instantly pierced into the body of the energy zombie.
But there seems to be no change in the energy zombie’s blood volume.
“I feel like I can detonate that ice arrow.” Anna waved her hand in the air a few times.
“Try detonating it.” Liu Qian nodded.
“Bang!” With a sound, the ice arrow was really detonated! A burst of cold mist splashed around, and at the same time, the energy zombie’s blood volume suddenly dropped by 2%, and the energy zombie was frozen again, causing continuous damage!
“Not bad, not bad. This move is much better than freezing Guo to death.” Liu Gan nodded.
“Freeze to death Guo hahahahahaha” Anna laughed again.
Liu Qian turned around and looked at Anna speechlessly.
“I won’t laugh. I promise I won’t laugh.” Anna immediately grimaced.
“Let’s call this magic skill Explosive Ice Arrow.” Liu Qian thought for a while and gave Anna a name for this skill.
“It should be called Exploding Chrysanthemum Arrow” Anna always has her own ideas.
“It’s called Explosive Ice Arrow!” Liu Qian was unhappy. He didn’t want Anna to laugh for a long time every time she shot an arrow.
“Okay, listen to Brother Liu.” Anna had to change her tune.
“The current tactics are changed to you shooting an explosive chrysanthemum arrow, and I shooting a death thunder.” Liu Qian rearranged his tactics.
“Isn’t it an ice arrow?” Anna looked a little surprised.
With the joint efforts of the three of them, this poor energy zombie didn’t even last three minutes and died without even issuing a single attack.
Unfortunately, it failed to reveal clues.
Liu Gan gave his experience points to Chen Haiwang, trying to get him to level up here. After reaching level 16, his serial killing power would be greatly enhanced, and he would be able to provide greater help to Liu Gan.
“When I was in the third stage of the brain, I tried to use energy to cover myself with a layer of defense. I called it an iron wall. After entering

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