quickly and looked ahead.

quickly and looked ahead.
The needle shows a hundred and a few yards. There are more curves ahead. Let off the accelerator and slow down a bit.
Passing by the junction with the Smith Ranch, Belgian blue cattle with thick limbs appeared. They are all muscle maniacs. When they saw a car approaching, they chased them wildly, and their moos were loud.
Dad was distracted nearby, and Han Xuan knew that he was thinking about things in the restaurant, so he didn’t bother him.
A few minutes later we arrived at the orchard. The hills were covered with low shrubs, the leaves had all been cut off and they looked like blueberries.
The road was a little bumpy, so I downshifted and drove forward at a speed of twenty or thirty yards. There were trees on both sides.
In some places, blueberries grow on the top of the slopes, grapes grow on the mountainside, and cherries grow at the foot of the mountain.
When he came across a group of people planting trees, he raised his hand and patted his father on the shoulder, “Mr. Miller is here.”
There was a light red sunset on the horizon.
It’s not as eye-catching as usual, but it’s still a very comfortable color.
/The birds are beginning to return home. There is no pesticide used in the snow mountain pasture. There is plenty of food for them and it is an ideal habitat.
On the hills, the original grassland was destroyed and circular pits were dug.
Today, most fruit saplings are only about a centimeter thick, as far as the eye can see. Except for the road at your feet, it is all planted with fruit trees.
Father Han closed the door and got out of the car, and said with pain: “I spent ten million dollars to replace these things. If it weren’t for the 33% subsidy, this and the investment in the vegetable planting base would have drained my account.” It’s empty. Fortunately, it’s winter and I can get some money back by selling the Angus and Limousin cattle. There are also too many Leyland sheep in the Smith Ranch. They like to eat grass roots and are very harmful to the pasture. . I plan to sell them this year and switch to raising Angus cattle next year. I found that they still make money, and the cowboys still have experience and are not easy to get sick.” “It doesn’t
look impressive now, but the effects will come out in a few years. It will be fully grown by then and bloom together. How beautiful it is. Dad, what kind of tree is this? A peach?” ”
You ask me how I knew, and it has no fruit. I have decided to open a restaurant!”
” Isn’t this too arbitrary? I just said it casually and decided in just a few minutes?” ”
I believe in your business vision, son, but there is no future in opening a restaurant?” ”
Yes, the profit is quite high, let’s make a little money.”
“Boss Han, when you talk about small money, do you mean several hundred million?”
“Don’t laugh at me, or I’ll kick your ass.”
/Employees not far away seemed to be getting ready to get off work. They put away their tools and began to take off their work clothes.
Technician Miller was still so metic

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