attack in person, Lin Yun made this plan and immediately completed the next transformation.

attack in person, Lin Yun made this plan and immediately completed the next transformation.
Because only pure-blooded demons of the top ten golden demon bloodlines can sacrifice themselves to
two demon lords, and the power gained is enough for him to return to the Raging Flame Plane without breaking through to the heavenly level, and regain the own body.
There is only one possibility for the pure-blooded Balrog to transform again, and that is the Fire Demon Lord among the ten golden demon bloodlines.
/The controller of the flames in the abyss, the demon race that all demons and abyss creatures related to flames must adhere to. With this identity, you can do anything unscrupulously. The most important thing is that you can do it without breaking through the heaven level. Sacrifice two demon lords to yourself.
As the two demon monarchs dissipated, a ball exuding extraordinary power formed in the center of the altar. Lin Yun opened his mouth to swallow the ball, and the altar under his feet suddenly turned into ashes and disappeared.
A wave of extraordinary power appeared on Lin Yun’s body, and there was even a vague feeling that after the burst of this extraordinary power, he could send his soul back and then take back his body.
Similarly, it seems that the body of the Fire Demon Lord will not collapse and dissipate, but will fall into a deep sleep.
/After thinking for a moment, a smile appeared on Lin Yun’s face.
For other heavenly levels, if you want to send your soul back, you must break through the heavenly level and use a method similar to self-destruction to release all the extraordinary power in one breath. Life and magic will be consumed in an instant.
For the devil, this means giving up his life.
After their souls return and take back their bodies, the bodies in the abyss will collapse and die, and not even their bodies will be left behind.
But what Lin Yun used was not his own power, but the power that belonged to him only after he sacrificed it to himself. After this power was consumed, Lin Yun’s soul took back his body, and the Fire Demon Lord’s body fell into In deep sleep, waiting for the next time to wake up.
This is an unexpected gain. The body of a Fire Demon Lord is itself a plane coordinate. After leaving here, there is a way to return here directly without going through the upper level of the abyss.
After returning Theodus, Enderfa, and Patch Alchemy Puppet to their natural demiplane, Lin Yun went to the Crazy Desert again.
Slytherin conscientiously controlled the abyssal creatures in the desert as miners, collecting ores buried under the desert, and all the ores were thrown into the huge crystal pit in the center of the desert.
In more than ten days, all the larger ores in the desert were dug out, and the rest were mostly small, gravel-like ores mixed in the flowing desert. This was too time-consuming and impossible to dig out. All collected in a short time.
Lin Yun appeared again, and Slytherin’s face revealed a look that showed that he was indeed so wise.
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