e wants to refine this bottle of potion, he may have to throw away his own life.

e wants to refine this bottle of potion, he may have to throw away his own life.
All kinds of materials have been prepared in the material library. I have never encountered such a difficult situation before. In addition, I will never dare to refine this bottle of potion before I am promoted to a holy alchemist.
The refining of this bottle of potion requires the vitality and soul power of an alchemist. For a ninth-level holy alchemist to refine this bottle of potion, it would damage his eyes, let alone lower his strength.
Take out the materials prepared in advance, especially one of the main introductions, which is the essence of Agalon’s soul power mixed with life force and soul power.
Three days later, Lin Yun walked out of the alchemy laboratory with a pale face. He drank seven or eight bottles of life potion in a row, and his face looked a little better. In addition to the life potion, there were also potions that warmed the soul and replenished the soul’s power consumption. Got seven or eight bottles.
Even so, after a few days of training, Lin Yun’s condition was still very poor and he could not exert his full strength at all. Originally, his strength was absolutely comparable to that of a ninth-level heavenly master, but now he can at most exert the strength of an ordinary eighth-level heavenly mage. the power of.
/On this day, the space suddenly trembled, and a completely different feeling emerged in everyone’s mind. The space here was completely stable, which meant that the rules here were complete. It was like a real big plane. , anyone fighting here will not destroy the space itself.
In the center of the passage space, six steel fortresses formed the shape of a six-pointed star. Under each fortress, there were numerous branches mixed with various rare magic metals, connecting the six steel fortresses together. Each branch was an alchemical method. part of the array.
These six steel fortresses can be regarded as the six strongest fortresses here. The fortress itself uses a large amount of abyss magic iron donated by Lin Yun as the main material, instead of using ordinary steel.
In addition, according to the previous plan, this land is integrated with these six fortresses. If you want to destroy these six fortresses, you must destroy the entire passage space.
Agallon and the other six people each occupied one of the fortresses and were preparing to activate the entire hexagram array. At this moment, everyone felt that on the side of the passage space close to the plane of the undead, someone forcibly passed through the barrier and entered. channel space.
There was no activation ceremony to start in the first place, and now there is no possibility of starting it.
The six holy alchemists flew into the air and looked into the distance. The gray power of death formed a mist, like a rolling sandstorm. , in front of the sandstorm, a very ordinary-looking skeleton was slowly approaching the center of the passage space.
In the skull’s eye sockets, the burning soul fire is not blue, but like pi

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