slowly flew out of the Flesh God King and looked towards the Netherworld from a distance.

slowly flew out of the Flesh God King and looked towards the Netherworld from a distance.
/She waved her right arm gently, sprinkling a little silver-white powder, passing through the tribulation aura, and floated forward.
The powder suddenly stopped suddenly when it was still some distance away from the Netherworld, as if it was blocked by some invisible net.
“The Divine Sense Detection Network is worthy of being called the Underworld City. In a space like Tribulation Qi that swallows up all other matter at all times, there is actually such a large amount of energy to support such a network.”
Shangqiu marveled.
“I have contacted the King of Deception.” The demonic insect Black Turtle also looked at the silver powder that was slowly being swallowed and absorbed by the calamity energy, and whispered.
The two of them remained motionless, suspended in the aura of calamity, waiting quietly.
After a while, a crack quietly opened in the network in front of them.
/“Let’s go!”
The two evil god kings suddenly turned into afterimages, their bodies shrunk into two shimmering lights, rushed into the crack, and disappeared.
The shimmering light was gray-white and extremely fast. It seemed that someone had specially isolated a narrow passage for them without any obstruction for exploration.
Let the two gray-white glimmers of light pass unobstructed and go straight into the Netherworld Palace.
The dim light passed through the mountains and rivers, passed over the large palaces and pavilions, and in the blink of an eye disappeared into a huge black and dark red palace complex in the center.
The red halo shining above the palace complex also opened a small opening for the two glimmers of light to enter.
There were Taoist soldiers guarding below, many monks walking and talking, and Jiuqu and Shenlue Tianzun who were playing chess opposite each other in the palace.
No one noticed at all.
These two evil god kings are among the top five existences even in the God King Palace, and they are already equivalent to seekers in their own right.
Even though it has been suppressed and sealed for countless years, it still has hiding methods far beyond those of contemporary monks.
Two gleams of light quickly shot into the central palace below and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Tianzun Huanyu is sitting cross-legged in the garden, breathing in energy and polishing his soul.
Suddenly his closed eyes suddenly opened.
“What’s the smell?”
He frowned, stood up and looked towards the central palace.
“It seems to be coming from over there. Let’s go take a look?”
He hesitated for a moment, but decided to suspend his practice and go take a look first.
The central palace is the foundation of the Netherworld, and there must be no accidents.
This time he accepted such a great favor from Lord Sun Shen and helped him guard the core, which was what he should do.
Chi! !
Two gleams of light fell directly on the entrance of the central palace. The Taoist soldiers guarding the door wer

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