g attention to vigilant secret activities and controlling the situation.

g attention to vigilant secret activities and controlling the situation.
just now.
One hour, twenty-seven minutes and thirty-six seconds ago.
The newly appointed powerful general from the native Ojia star.
/In just a few minutes, the situation he had worked hard to manage for many years was completely destroyed.
It also offended a series of powerful forces including the original allies, including the Star Empire, Ojia Empire, Sarin Star Alliance, Orbis Empire, etc., and no one was left.
Tears flowed freely.
He didn’t know what he had done wrong, and God wanted to punish him like this.
The proud overall situation that had been worked hard for many years was wiped out in an instant.
The moment he heard the news, he even thought of committing suicide.
But suicide solves nothing.
“Contact me, His Excellency, the Third General.” Shalu forced to suppress his trembling voice.
At this point, the only thing he can do is to remedy and redeem the situation as much as possible.
Otherwise, once you wait for those old monsters at the top of the Aojia Empire to take action, it will really be too late.
“Salu? The person in charge of the Aojia Empire?”
Lin Xin walked on the empty streets of Plating Town.
“I haven’t heard of it. What’s the matter?”
“Your Excellency, the third general, the space of Plated Crystal Peak has been completely fragmented. I wonder what your plans are next?”
“I can’t tell you my plans for the time being.” Lin Xinlan He said proudly, “You just need to cooperate with me.”
There was silence on the other side of the phone.
“Okay, let’s do that.”
Lin Xin naturally understood what the other party wanted to say, wasn’t it just to offend someone?
Before, his strength had not fully recovered, so he was afraid, but now it is different. He has returned to his previous peak based on his attributes.
Then there is nothing to cringe at.
If you encounter trouble, just push through it. Anyway, I have probably figured out most of the rule system now. And if we want to completely explore the upper limit of the universe, it is useless to just rely on hiding the deep layers of the world that are not in contact with us as before.
Plated Crystal Town had become dead silent at this time.
Lin Xin only suppressed his power within the scope of this small town, and even because of his too strong abnormal control, he only killed the people in the town without directly destroying any buildings.
“There should be some interesting guys among the Primordial Users in this world. I just don’t know if they can appear and threaten my existence.”
Lin Xin thought casually while wandering around.
Now he didn’t need to take action at all. He could destroy any known original user who dared to appear in front of her by just letting go of his body’s suppression.
But as a cross-planet force, the Aojia Empire will definitely not only have such a big power.
The original energy user, as a deterrent that can suppress the empire’s rule, is definitely not as simple as the fifth level ori

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