“Brother Jun, you shouldn’t have come.”

“Brother Jun, you shouldn’t have come.”
Yizhimei looked Zhou Jijun up and down and sighed quietly for a long time.
“Brother Mei, what you said makes sense.”
Mo Luo, who was next to him, also said.
“These people have besieged us here but haven’t taken action yet. There are only two ways to do it. One is to wait for the three of us to arrive and then kill them together. But the three of us are only small roles to them, so this time The first possibility is very slim. The second is just to wait for you. Although I don’t know why, you should not come and die anyway.”
Looking at Mo Luo and Yizhimei, Zhou Jijun said with a bitter smile.
“Brother Mo, you only guessed half of it. They are not waiting for me, but waiting for something else.”
After a pause, Zhou Jijun took a deep breath, his expression gradually became serious, and he looked at the strength of all parties who were whispering. The strong man said in a deep voice.
“I’m here to rescue you.”
Hearing this, Mo Luo and Yizhimei were startled at the same time. At this moment, they heard a Buddha’s call from the distance, and the fire burned through the night, and the man riding a blue lion became more and more crowded. When he came out, he held a green lotus in his left hand and a round bead in his right hand, showing a solemn appearance.
“Donor Jun, that thing is in your hands.”
The vast and vast aura pressed towards Zhou Jijun, but it was somewhat familiar. Zhou Jijun had felt it in the brother who fought side by side seven years ago.
/“Brother Jun, be careful. That is Manjushri Bodhisattva from the Buddhist realm. He has been famous for tens of thousands of years and his cultivation is unfathomable.”
Yizhimei’s cold voice came from behind him. Zhou Jijun felt dazed and couldn’t help but think of the scene in front of Longgui Mountain in the capital seven years ago. , that powerful man in the Buddhist realm who only heard his voice but never saw his person. It was he who caused Samoni to fall into reincarnation again. It was also because his appearance shocked the heroes in the sky that Zhou Jijun and Yue Rakshasa escaped.
“Manjusri, you are impatient.”
A rough voice came from the other side. The general carrying the Nether Sea Flag sneered, holding the mace tightly, looking at Manjusri Bodhisattva in the air from a distance, with fighting intent in his eyes.
“That’s You Wuji, one of the three killer generals of Netherworld Sea, with a middle-level cultivation in Xuantian.”
Zhou Jijun looked at Yizhimei in surprise, who seemed to be a treasure to powerful people from all over the world. Then he frowned slightly and saw Rising Star due to the west. The old man raised a black rosette and his whole body was shrouded in black mist. He laughed loudly. He glanced at Manjushri and You Wuji, and his eyes fell on Zhou Jijun, with a playful look on his face.
“Who is he?”
“The current head of the Xiniu Demon Ancestral Sect, who calls himself Lao Mo, is the strongest person in Yunhuang.”
Yizhimei answered, the firelight reflected his f

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