sold it first without disclosing the details of the transaction to Han Xuan as agreed before!

sold it first without disclosing the details of the transaction to Han Xuan as agreed before!
Now for every one dollar increase in copper prices, Han Xuan will “lose” nearly three million U.S. dollars. The money that should have been earned has ended up in other people’s pockets. Who can bear it?
/Shriel Cade stood there and was almost hit by the folder thrown by Han Xuan. He knew what was written in the document without looking at the contents. He had nothing to say.
Even with the $1.5 billion that Han Xuan lent to Quantum Fund in the name of Snow Mountain Investment Company, his boss Soros had no choice but to continue to suppress the price of copper.
This involves the interests of many people, and there is great resistance to rebound.
Soros and others have been selling off their short orders one after another, converting the results of suppressing copper prices into large sums of cash to put in their pockets.
Be prepared to collect more funds next time, and wait for those people and companies who hope that copper prices will rise, such as Japan’s Sumitomo Foundation, to invest money and then come back, repeatedly shearing the wool of the copper futures market.
This matter was indeed something his boss had done wrong. Schreier searched his head and tried to explain the reason, but he couldn’t.
Under Han Xuan’s annoyed gaze, he smiled bitterly and said: “The share of the sale this time has already been booked. Some people in the organization are unwilling to give up their interests. But Mr. Soros is coordinating with them. Please don’t worry. It will be soon.” It will be your turn to sell soon, and I will explain your request to the boss.”
“When? When the copper price rises back to 2,790 US dollars, should I sell at a loss? They are not willing to give up their profits, so why should I give up? ”
Han Xuan stood up and shouted in a low voice: “You can’t make the decision, and it’s useless to tell you. It’s best to tell Soros, tell it clearly, I will only wait until tomorrow morning! If you haven’t given it to me by then, Reply. I swear, 8 billion US dollars of short orders will be listed on the London Metal Exchange trading platform tomorrow! Everyone is finished together, and no one can make money!”
Shriel Cade’s explanation is like fart.
It sounds like a lot, but in fact it doesn’t give any guarantees, it seems like it’s just stalling for time.
This made Han Xuan even more angry. He felt that Soros had been cheated and used the “alliance” to prevent him from taking action in advance, but they took the opportunity to sneak away first and make a large profit, leaving him unlucky to hold the short order.
The demand in the futures market is only so great, and those who withdraw first will make the most money, so he threatened those people behind Schreier.
“You have too many empty orders, Mr. Soros.”
“I don’t want to hear the explanation. I want to know the result, so just tell them like this!”
Seeing Han Xuan wave his hands away unceremoniously, Schreier had no intention of further dis

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