hildren and other navigators, and said in a calm tone.

hildren and other navigators, and said in a calm tone.
Although the young man’s attitude was calm, as soon as his words came out, they were inexplicably frozen like the polar cold wind, which froze the prisoners’ whole bodies.
“Indulging believers in cannibalism is simply the behavior of demons from hell…” Charlotte took a few rough breaths with a pale face and whispered.
“Indulge believers in cannibalism,” Zhang Lisheng shook his head and interrupted the old man, “No, no, no, you are wrong Mr. Charlotte, I have always believed that cannibalism is the most barbaric bad habit, so I have long I ordered the Hellmen who believed in me to get rid of this cruel habit. According to your words, the land people built gladiatorial arenas for bare-handed barbarians to duel with beasts or kill each other; they broke the spines of the children of Hell and used them as circuses. Being domesticated like animals is the behavior of the devil.
I let believers eat people not for fun, but only to shock and intimidate, which is actually a way to avoid more killings.
/I like the sweet smell of blood, I am cruel by nature, and I never forgive my enemies. But I never think that killing people can get any pleasure. Now tell me your choice, Mr. Charlotte, are you willing to accept my proposal?”
Chapter 437: ‘Submission’
/The ship rides the wind and waves. In the sea, apart from the roar of the wind, there was deathly silence on the deck.
After a long time, Charlotte lowered his head under the calm gaze of Zhang Lisheng, and said in a dry and extremely difficult voice: “Your Excellency Genie, if you want me to guide you on the sea to invade the city of Cataman City-State. , No matter how miserable the fate is, it is impossible for me to succumb. I think, I think my family can also understand that I make such a choice…” “My
goal is not the cities of land people, but other hell islands. “The young man interrupted the old man.
“In that case, in that case I am willing to serve you, Your Excellency.” After hearing Zhang Lisheng’s words, Charlotte fell silent again. His face changed uncertainly for a while, and finally made a decision, relaxed his body, and whispered, this After saying this, he seemed to have had all his strength taken away from him, and he slumped down on the deck.
“Charlotte is a very wise choice. In a sense, choosing to obey me is provoking a civil war among the Hellfire people.
It can not only consume the strength of the barbarians, but also save the lives of their families and give them a happy life. What could be smarter than this choice?” Zhang Lisheng whispered with admiration and looked at Hanuo, who was hugging his wife and young son tightly. “Hanuo, my poor friend whose reputation is ruined.
Pooh The city-state has banned your sailing career, but I can give you everything you want. You want to give your son the best life, and you want your wife to live a prosperous and comfortable life. These are small things, as long as you can prove your loyalty in the future. , everything will definitely com

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