He is the only living being that can move in the world around him.

He is the only living being that can move in the world around him.
“Did you see it?” He opened his arms, and the golden swallow bow floated above his head and slowly released golden light. Waves of golden light spread down like a tide, which was the source of stillness.
“This is my emperor’s Yuanjing, which solidifies everything and stills everything. In this world, if there is no Yuanjing to offset it, then I can only be at the mercy of others. Life and death are up to me!” The
dark red core in his mouth continued. He spat out and retracted, looking at Lin Xin who was shrouded in blood-colored rune crystals, the murderous intent in his eyes was not concealed at all.
“It’s been a long, long time since I wanted to kill someone as much as I do now.”
He said with a hint of emotion. Walking towards Lin Xin step by step.
There was a hint of gritted teeth in Kun Ji’s voice.
Golden light flashed, and a golden wheel appeared beside Kun Ji, slashing hard on Lin Xin.
The golden wheel was turning and cutting like a chainsaw, making a harsh friction sound. But the strange thing is that the wound that was just cut actually recovered quickly due to Lin Xin’s terrifying recovery power.
The freshly cut red wound did not even last for a moment before it was healed directly.
This resilience is much more terrifying than before the appearance of the bloody rune crystal.
Wherever the golden wheel crossed, it was almost as if it was useless, leaving no trace of scar at all.
Moreover, the golden wheel cutting cannot go any deeper. As long as it touches the bone, it will be directly blocked by the force and cannot cut through the bone at all!
Kun Ji also discovered this, and his face suddenly became ugly.
“I don’t believe it!”
/He grabbed the golden wheel and chopped off Lin Xin’s head hard.
Jinlun succeeded in cutting open Lin Xin’s scalp, but strangely, no blood flowed out at all. When the edge of the wheel hit the skull, it was like hitting a top-level fourth-grade magic weapon, only a small crater was faintly made. And the small pit actually swelled up and returned to normal under Kun Ji’s gaze!
He took two steps back, fully unleashed Yuan Jing’s ability, and then used the Golden Wheel to attack. This was also a big burden for him.
But at this moment, this guy stood still and let him hit him, but he couldn’t even break through the opponent’s defense.
“I don’t believe it!”
A green dagger suddenly appeared in Kun Ji’s hand, with a little emerald green light shining above it. At the same time, there seemed to be a group of black bugs inside the dagger blade that were constantly striking outwards crazily, trying to escape from it.
The terrifying spiritual power surged from Kun Ji’s body and converged towards the dagger. The green dagger became brighter and sharper, and the edge of the blade released an extremely sharp edge of energy.
“This is the fifth-grade magic weapon Returning to the Origin Blade! I want to see how hard your body is!!”
Kun Ji held the dagger and rushed

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