you give me 15% of the profit, I will not pursue it. “

“Ha, let’s talk about that later. I can’t relax recently. I will inform you again if there is any important news. I am in a meeting now. I will call you when I go back in the evening.”
Han Xuan’s arrival finally produced a series of butterfly effects.
Originally, this matter was not supposed to end until mid-1996. He used the company’s shares as collateral to borrow from banks and lent the Quantum Fund US$1.5 billion. He also invested more than one billion US dollars to deal with the Japanese Sumitomo Consortium.
Coupled with the early measures taken by the United States and the United Kingdom, the collapse of the Sumitomo Consortium was greatly advanced.
At the end of October, world copper prices fell from a high of US$3,070 per ton to US$2,619.23 per ton, and have fallen slightly to US$2,601.78 these days.
When Han Xuan watched the Bloomberg News terminal yesterday, the closing price of copper trading was US$2,508.19, which fell by more than US$20 today.
Every time it goes down, it means the short sellers have made money.
So far, the money Han Xuan invested has made more than 1.8 billion U.S. dollars in leveraged profits. It is expected that profits will continue to increase during this period until copper prices fall to the bottom.
When someone makes money, someone loses.
Calculated based on the current scale, by the end of the day, the Sumitomo Foundation and the group of venture capital institutions that followed it will have a total loss of at least 10 billion US dollars!
/Futures trading through leverage is really scary. This is not a game that you can play without playing. Once you hold the contract in your hand, you must fulfill it.
If no one is willing to take over that mess, Japan’s Sumitomo Consortium will definitely suffer a serious loss this time.
In the past few years, they had to lose all the money they made from the copper futures trading market, and they would also pay a large amount back. Han Xuan was very happy to see this happen.
I remember that my old man still held some shares of Sumitomo Bank. After ending the call with Soros, Han Xuan called his grandfather and asked him to sell those shares quickly to avoid unnecessary losses.
Isabelle just went shopping with her Brazilian bodyguard. When she came back, she saw that Han Xuan had finished lunch. She placed the multigrain pancakes in her hand in front of him and said angrily: “If I had known better, I wouldn’t have bought it. Wait in line.” It will take a long time. I ate one just now and it tasted very good. You should try it too.”
Han Xuan forgot how long it had been since he had seen multigrain pancakes.
He picked it up and put it in front of his nose to smell the taste. He took a bite and said vaguely: “Where did you buy it? You can find this
in the United States.” “A white couple, right in front of your grandfather’s supermarket. They He told me that he traveled to China last year and thought that this kind of cake was delicious and there should be a

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